31 Of the Best iOS 6 Features (list)

iOS 6

Apple released details that it’ll be releasing iOS 6 this fall that “take your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in entirely new directions.” Apparently, it’ll do so by providing users more features that make everyday tasks even better and easier. The free upgrade will be available wirelessly on the aforementioned devices the moment they release it, which is still unknown. BUT beware…Only the iPhone 4S and new iPad will receive ALL the features of iOS 6.

31. Game Center Gets Better

You’ll now be able to connect to Game Center from Facebook

30. New Personal Dictionary Customization

You can create your personal dictionary in iCloud, which can easily be synced between all your iOS devices.

29. Custom Vibrate Alerts

Now you can customize your alerts and how they vibrate so that you can tell what vibration alerts to a specific action or task.

28. Alarms Now Can Have Songs

Wake up to your favorite tune now that you can configure your alarm with actual songs!

27. New Features for China

Chinese-speaking users will now have a better experience with their Apple devices thanks to iOS 6, including improved text input and built-in support for popular Chinese Internet services.

26. Guided Accessibility

For users who have any vision, hearing, learning and mobility disabilities, the new iOS will allow them to use their devices a lot easier with Guided Access functions that provide reminders for tasks; VoiceOVer for those who are blind and more. Educators will be able to only activate parts of the screen, so autistic kids or people with other disabilities can stay focused on certainareas.

25. Find My iPhone

Don’t fret when you loose your phone since the app will now offer Lost mode, making it easier to use this app to locate and protect your missing device. You can even lock the phone an then send it a message for any one who finds it can call you back from the Lock screen.

24. Find My Friends

You’ll be able to share your locations with friends so you can see where they’re at and what they’re up to, which could be helpful for families (and a bit strange for stalkers). Now your mom, dad, brother, significant other and more can now all about your whereabouts (good luck with that!).

23. Improved Stores

Each of the store apps has been redesigned so the App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore all feature new functions that make it easier to buy content and more. You can also shop on one device and then choose to buy on another, leaving off exactly where you left off before.

22. Spotlight Tweak

For those that have a lot of apps and can’t remember where they’re located, the new Spotlight features makes it a bit easier to find them by listing the name of the folder a particular app is when it appears in the search results.

21. Reminders Improvements

Getting reminders is a lot more helpful with the new iOS as you’ll be able to reorder your tasks as desired and be able to tap in addresses where you’d like to be reminded manually. Right now, you can only set reminders for locations linked to addresses in your contacts.

20. New Developer Features

The iOS 6 SDK for developers allows them to create even more apps the enhance a user’s experience with their iOS devices. Examples include: audio and video sampling during playback, Pass Kit (for interacting with Passbook), VoiceOver gestures, the ability to control camera focus and exposure, a Web Audio API, Game Center in-app experience, game groups, video stabilization and so much more.

19. Better Maps

Maps has gotten a complete makeover and it truly looks fantastic… much better than the old Google-based version.

18. 3D Maps View

Apple is providing its Maps app with some pretty cool looking 3D views and their r Flyover feature is really impressive. It actually looks like something from a movie, but it’s rendered in 3D graphics in real time.

17. New Cartography

The new Maps app has new cartography, which is completely different from the one provided by Google. This includes new points of interests, restaurants, shops… everything is new.

16. Turn-by-turn Navigation

Never get lost again with the new and improved Maps that includes some pretty dope ass directions that will get you anywhere you need to to fast and easy!

15. Siri Integration into Maps

Siri is everywhere in the new iOS and she’ll help you get to where you need to go in the updated Maps app! And being the smart ass she is, if you ask her something like “Are we there yet?”, she will answer you with the estimated time of arrival. And tell you to shut up.

14. Up-to-Date Traffic Info

Commuters will appreciate getting traffic updates in real time so they can avoid any highways or streets that are jam packed!

13. Business Card Info via Maps

Now every location in Maps includes a card that gives you all you need to know about it. So if it’s a restaurant, it will show you reviews and ratings, along with photographs, allowing you to better see where you’re going and giving you all the info you’ll need on that particular place.

12. Vector-Based vs Bitmap for Maps

The new maps are not bitmap-based anymore, which means better graphics that will load faster now that they are vector based. Yay for better graphics!

11. Smarter Siri

Siri will provide more assistance, understand more languages and be available on the new iPad (or iPad 3). Basically, Siri will be smarter than before, which should be interesting to hear some of her answers to some of the craziest questions. You’ll also be able to compose Facebook and Twitter status with Siri’s help. Also, many auto makers—including BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda—will also integrate Siri in their cars. She’ll also speak more language, including Canadian French, Spanish for Spain, Mexico and the US. Also Italian in Italy and French, German and Italian dialects for Switzerland. Plus Asian languages: Korean plus Mandarin and Cantonese in China. She’ll be the ultimate linguist!

10. Siri To Give Sports Scores and Stats

Siri will now be able to give sports fans all the info they want on any game they want to know the score for!

9. Siri Integrated into OpenTable and Yelp

You could ask Siri for any good restaurants near you so that you can easily satisfy all your cravings, and she will tell you about the best ones using Yelp information and allow you to make a reservation with your voice using OpenTable.

8. Facebook API

The new iOS will be integrating a lot of things into Facebook (see below), but the most interesting thing is that there are rumors that they’re will be an API for it, so every developer can enjoy the same Facebook services. This means that your favorite applications would be able to easily post things in Facebook or get Facebook information easily.

7. Facebook Integration

Everybody and their moms are on Facebook, so Apple has integrated the highly popular social site throughout its latest iOS. You’ll be able to share photos on FB via your Camera or Photos, post your location right from Maps and more. So now everything you do can go right to Facebook without having to actually go into the site. t’s even integrated with Siri. And the Calendar application, so birthdays and events are automatically synchronized at all times with Facebook.

6. Shared Photo Streams

You’ll be able to share photos with whoever you’d like now directly from the Photos app. Any friends using the iCloud on an iOS 6 device or on a Mac computer running Mountain Lion will get the photos as soon as you send them. But if they’re not on an Apple gadget, they’ll be able to view the photos on the web. It’s actually like creating private Instagram feeds from the Photos app, which will once again make iPhone’s exclusive for those who don’t like how all the Android users flooded the popular app.

5. Passbook

Who needs actual cash when you have Passbook! You’ll be able to scan your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to check into a flight, catch a movie, redeem a coupon and so much more! Now you’re phone will be your wallet with this new function. But it also tells you your balance on your coffee card, where your seats are at a concert and so much more!

4. FaceTime Improvement

Yup, you’ll now be able to FaceTime via cellular networks, as well as over Wi-Fi and make FaceTime calls. This is big for for the 3G network. The quality will not be as good as Wi-Fi, but it will be supported. Also, when someone calls your phone number, you will be able to answer the call from your iPad or your Mac straight away. The ID unification will be the same with iMessage, which will hopefully fix the confusion.

3. Do Not Disturb, Callback Reminders for Phone

New calling features allow you to decline an incoming call and then instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder or turn on a “Do Not Disturb” mode and more. That new “Do Not Disturb” preference will turn off calls and messages at night. The neat thing is that notification will come but the phone will not sound or light up. BUT…if someone is calling you repeatedly and continuously, the new Phone app will push the call assuming it is an emergency.

2. Better Mail

Even receiving email is perfected in the new iOS! It will feature a new streamlined interface for easier writing and reading, as well as allow you to set up a VIP list so you’ll never miss an important message from your boss or significant other. You’ll also be able to add photos and videos to email messages much easier and refresh via a swipe down.

1. New and Improved Safari

Browsing the Net also got easier as iCloud tabs keep track of pages you have open on your device so you can browse on one device and then pickup where you left off on another. You can now save pages in your Reading List and even post videos and photos to Internet sites from your Camera Roll without having to leave Safari. But it will also support full screen navigation while in landscape mode. Entering this mode will eliminate any app navigation element and just leave you with the web page content.

Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

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  1. Joe

    This article is very very poorly written. It is by no means fluent or grammatically correct. It made for a very dissatisfying read.

  2. Guest

    APPLE SUCKS!!! AND WANTS TO LEAVE THE IPHONE 4 USERS OUT OF EVERYTHING some people can just now afford to buy one so for the iphone 4 users that don’t have siri and will never get it from apple just jailbreak your device and download spire from cydia and assistant extensions its a lot better anyway she can launch apps and turn wifi and bluetooth on and off and for the ios 6 update I really don’t see much difference other than draining the battery even more and im not spending money on a new iphone I’ll stick with my iphone 4 I also recommend 3g unrestrictor from cydia so you can download as much data as you want over 3g and even use facetime over 3g just remember if apple won’t do it than the jailbreak community will

  3. NMD8089

    I hope the author of this article will fire their editor. Nothing makes an article look less credible than grammatical errors!

  4. RMW

    Turn-by-Turn works well. The phone gets a bit hot with the GPS, cell radios and screen on constantly (not to mention sucking down the battery). I’m sure they can work that out in future Betas. Some nice features overall – but Kristie…No iPhone? Shame on you. If you are nice I’ll send you a picture of my iPhone 4s…

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