If you don’t feel right messing a gym session, are alway in workout clothes during your free time and love to hit the great outdoors to get in your daily run or interval training, then the Runtastic Orbit will be your best friend. Shipping August 11th, the new fitness 24-hour activity, fitness and sleep tracker provides you insight into important information on your health and fitness. Not only it track and monitor your steps and distance, calories burned, and more, but it’ll also calcite your sleep duration and cycles. You’ll be able to set your goals and reach them in no time with the Orbit on your wrist, while utilizing its vibrating idle notifications so that you’re always on the move and even track your happiest moments to remember later. It even comes with Time and Alarm modes so you don’t have to wear a wristwatch.

Runtastic Orbit

You can wear the Orbit all day and night since it’s waterproof up to 100m/30ft and has a long-lasting battery, in addition to a wireless sync function that uses Bluetooth Smart technology and an integrated ambient light sensor for advanced sleep tracking. Then combine all that with its compatible Me app on your smartphone to maximize all your fitness and health goals. But you can easily use it as a stand-along device, too. The Orbit comes with two wristbands (Runtastic Blue and Basic Black) and a clip to use it on clothing (you also have the option to buy extra color packs that change out the color of the wristband). Easily transform your goals into results for $119.


Kristie Bertucci

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