Smartphones nowadays are packed with top-of-the-line specifications, but there’s one area which always comes under the criticism — the battery life. While today’s flagship devices are capable of delivering battery timing close to a day on a single charge, it still ends up as a problem for power users. If you’re an Android user looking for an effective way to conserve battery life, take a look at InkCase Plus, a small device which can act as a second screen for your device. InkCase Plus went to Kickstarter to gather funds so they could enter mass production, and have already amassed way more then what they were asking for.

Basically, InkCase Plus is a case for your Android device which also features an always on e-ink display, and is equipped with bluetooth, dedicated apps and a 500 mAh battery which can provide users a battery time of over 19 hours on a single charge. The display rests on top on of the phone’s display using the Fit Case, giving users the ability to read notifications, read ebooks, answer calls, control media files and more.

Inkcase Plus


Best of all, it can help the user extend the battery life of their smartphones since they don’t have to turn their devices on every time a notification pops up, or if they just want to check the time. Users can even use the screen the other way round using the case, giving them a dual-screen experience.

As far as the support is concerned, it works with every Android device out in the wild running Android 4.0. You can use it without the case as well, but to use it more effectively, a Fit Case is required. Currently, the company has the FitCase which is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3. But the company is asking the backers to vote and tell them which phone they would like to use the FitCase on. If there are 500 votes on a single device, they’ll create it for that specific device.

The device is expected to ship in October. If you have some extra cash lying around, and think it could be useful for you, head over to Kickstarter and pledge.

Hammad Saleem

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