Happy hour is now in the comfort of your own home when you have the SYNEK draft system on your kitchen countertop, providing you fresh-from-the-tap beer whenever you want it! Coffee lovers have Keurig and now beer lovers have SYNEK. The Kickstarter campaign for the draft system provides beer enthusiasts with the ability to enjoy their favorite craft beer (or their own homebrew beer) without having to leave their home.


The idea behind SYNEK came after founder Steve Young wanted a growler (craft beer lingo for a jug that hooks up to a tap to store alcohol in) to keep his beer fresh for more than a few days. But instead of using a jug. But now, instead of using a growler, he’s come up with vacuum-sealed pouches that actually go inside the tap machine, allowing it to stay fresh for up to 30 days. It accommodates beer from any tap, so if your local brewery can fill a growler, they can fill a SYNEK bag that can hold up to a gallon of beer. If you and a friend like different beers, you can easily interchange the bags according to preference, with each bag maintaing carbonation when not in the machine so you never lose quality when switching.


The SYNEK then works like other kegs do and pressurizes using carbon dioxide, with both temperature and pressure adjustable to your own personal settings to how cold you like your beer. And because it’s no bigger or heavier than a toaster oven, you can easily take it with you ┬áto parties and BBQs, as long as there is a standard outlet to plug it into. To pre-order your own SYNEK, pledge $299 or more now or wait until the prototype hits the market (but by then it’ll go for $349), with each beer cartridge priced at $1.

Kristie Bertucci

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