We’ve all wondered, from time to time, how the Empire in Star Wars actually works. Obviously there’s an enormous military presence, but how do they deal with the day-to-day of running around, getting where they need to go, and dealing with work. A German artist decided to try and answer that.

Not Behind The Scenes

star wars airport 2

The footage first got attention because it was distributed as “behind the scenes” footage of Star Wars: Episode VII, which unless Disney has been holding back some major breakthroughs in propulsion, physics, and robotics it decidedly is not. Instead it’s a clever example of what fans can do when they’ve got the time, money and resources to mess with footage.

Frankfurt, Center Of The Empire

This is actually a fairly popular thing to do among Star Wars fans. You might remember, a few years ago, footage going around that purported to be proof the Empire was invading San Francisco.

The concept is fairly straightforward; some material was filmed near and on the airport, in high quality video, and then the video was carefully manipulated with CGI software and publicly available digital models, as well as a few bits cut out from the films, to create the footage. It sounds easy enough, but the footage is effective because it’s actually incredibly hard to do. Pay attention in particular to the sound, which is part of the reason this is so convincing.

The Empire Is Amused

star wars airport 1

In the end, this is mostly a cleverly done bit of trickery, but it shows how advanced things have become for the home filmmaker that this video is so well-done and so seamless (well, on YouTube, at any rate.) So, yeah, there’s no Empire at your door yet. But it’s easy to look at this and wonder how close a galaxy far, far away really is.

Dan Seitz

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