We all knew he was coming, but even so, it’s nice to know that he’s here. Yep, none other than Raiden is back in Mortal Kombat X, and here we see him beating up a sun god like it’s no big thing.


Some of this, of course, is exactly what we expect of Raiden. The classic “torpedo” move is here, along with him slinging lightning bolts and kicking people square in the face. But, as usual with the Mortal Kombat videos we’ve been seeing lately, there’s a pretty lengthy demonstration of the various fighting styles, all of which are fairly intriguing from a gameplay standpoint.

raiden 2


First off, there’s the fairly straightforward “pump them full of enough volts everything tingles or explodes” strategy that most people associate with the thunder god. But that’s immediately followed by a fairly stylish series of attacks based entirely around teleportation in a style the developers are calling “Displacer”, which is pretty much back-stabbing your enemy as often as possible. Then there’s also the “Storm Lord” style, which mostly involves laying traps for your enemy. Well, “traps:” they’re pretty visible and the counters are fairly obvious. But still, it’s nice to see a game that isn’t necessarily noted for its depth and complication make an effort to have more fighting styles and character cater to more than one approach.



In all, Raiden seems a fairly straightforward fighter in a game that seems, rapidly, to be adding ideas and styles to make it fun to play for everyone. And, of course, it’s packed full of fatalities and other ideas. Sadly, we won’t see this until 2015, but hey, at least we’ve got another game to look forward to next year.

Dan Seitz

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