Another week brings another 7 days of gaming greatness…well mostly. I loathe delays of anything I want right now. But this week brings even more gaming development setbacks. This time our latest victim of the tarty bell is the “the man without fear”. Even a rocket-propelled Batmobile won’t save him this time. That and more await your scrutiny below.

1. Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age – F2P CryEngine 3 Goodness

Another f2p offering on the CryEngine 3? Yes please. They warned us this was coming and I for one couldn’t be more pleased. As Crysis 3 prepped for “Maximum Launch” developer Crytek was quick to let everyone know protracted triple-A game development would take a backseat to Free-2-Play game projects using their unquestionably triple-A CryEngine 3 game engine. Since then we’ve seen Warface doing well in Russia and Asia. Last weeks game report brought us ___ and now Crytek has just announced the use fo their engine in Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

2. Batman Delayed 2015

We get to use the Batmobile as a weapon!? This is something every Batman fan and gamer has begged to become a reality. Yet no game has put the Dark Knight’s most iconic (2nd only to Bat Shark Repellent) ordinance in the hands of players in such a seminal way. Alas, we all must wait several more painstaking months before we get to drive ebony eagle on four wheels.

3. Enemy Front – Another Powered By CryEngine 3

CryEngine 3 has grown rather promiscuous lately. Here we have a 3rd game is just over a week, announced to use the beefy game engine from Crytek. This one is a multiplayer shooter from NAMCO BANDAI set in the oft-explored World War II theater.

Are you ready for some MP action? Check out the latest trailer showcasing fierce battles from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Freedom Fighter MP modes. Up to 12 players online. Powered by CryEngine 3, Enemy Front gives players breathtaking visuals, spectacular set pieces and destructible environments to interact with through iconic World War II resistance operations.

4. Watch Dogs Conspiracy DLC Available Now

Watch_Dogs consiracy

The first bit of Watch_Dogs DLC is upon us. That was quick, albeit a little light. The Conspiracy DLC pack is a side missions. If you’ve played through one of the game’s “digital trips” scattered throughout the city then this will be somewhat familiar. As Aiden you will be pitted against an invading horde of cyborgs. Hunt them down in what is called a “mind bending alternate reality”. The Conspiracy DLC is available to all who own a copy of Watch_Dogs for $4.99. Or save more than 25% by grabbing the full Season Pass of DLC content pack for $19.99.

5. WildStar Launch Trailer

6. Star Citizen Arena Commander Flight Tutorial

All backers of the wildly successful crowd-funded Star Citizen phenomenon can now fly their current owned ships. Until now said ship have been collecting dust in our respective hangars. No more…well sort of… As of yesterday, all backers who own an Aurora, Hornet or 300i fighters can now embark on a virtual reality mission which simulates full flight mechanics of those crafts. Two maps and two game types “Free Flight” and “Vanduul Swarm” are on offer with multiplayer  components, new maps and items still to come.

7. Homefront Revolution

8. GeForce Experience Update 2.1 is HUGE

geforce exp

There is no stopping these guys. Nvidia is an enclave of engineering masochists. To no end other than a gamer’s glee of delight, do these folks toil and continue to add incredible features to their products. Their Geforce Experience tool was just updated with some really cool features. At first glace “Push-to-Talk” and 1600p Shadowplay recording functionalities stand out tall. Check out the list.


  • Adds in-game framerate counter
  • Shadow Mode can now be used with desktop capture
  • Adds push-to-talk functionality
  • Extends capture resolution up to 2560 x 1600
  • Improved audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premier
  • Improved Twitch streaming stability
  • ShadowPlay on/off state now persists across self-update


  • Improves self-update installation speed
  • Various bug fixes

9. Dying Light E3 Trailer

If Walking Dead survivalists Michonne and Rick Grimes could parkour, that TV show would take on a whole new tone. I don’t know if it would add to the storytelling. But parkour and zombies looks like oodles of fun in Techland’s latest romp with the undead.

10. Borderlands: The Prequel

Fans of Pandora take note. We have a release date and preorder details for Gearbox’s next trip to your beloved metropolis. Borderlands: The Prequel will drop this October 14th in North America and the 17th in other territories.  Those who preorder the game will get early and unique bonuses. Access to something called the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit is one of these preorder perks.

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