Two Months Later: Elder Scrolls Online is Now 50% Off

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1 Comment to Two Months Later: Elder Scrolls Online is Now 50% Off

  1. Is the EU server in the EU yet?
    Are there still bot trains?
    Are there still node-farming bots in all the starter zones?

    Are any of the following automatically detected yet?
    – speed-hacking
    – flying
    – noclipping
    – players in soul shriven rags farming bosses or doing quests in zones where any normal player would obviously have equipped some gear by that stage.

    Does their subscription payment system still lock up the subscription fee as well as take a payment of the same amount?

    I would need to know the answers to these questions before I would ever consider going back to ESO.

    I left because of flaws, the servers being extremely vulnerable to exploitation, the unbridled gold-seller spam, the sheer volume of bots running rampant blatantly abusing the game and ZOS’s inability to implement effective and intelligent solutions to the many problems they faced during that month.

    I want to play ESO again… but I need some assurance that the game is being managed properly and that some key technical issues are actually resolved (not just “being worked on”)

    Content updates are great for an MMO game… but only when delivered on a functioning, difficult-to-exploit platform/service.

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