There’s little doubt, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is one of the biggest RPG titles coming out in the next year. With a February 24, 2015 release date it looks a long ways out, but this week pre-orders became available at a few select retailers. Hands down the best place pre-order is GOG. The always DRM-Free gaming retailer has it up to 20% Off and includes a free game for immediate download.

Click here to get The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for $47.99 (list price $59.99) if you own the previous two Witcher Games. And you don’t necessarily have to have bought The Witcher and The Witcher 2 from GOG.

  • Owning no prior Witcher titles will run you $53.99 (10% Off)
  • If you bought one prior Witcher Title from GOG you’ll pay $50.99 (15% Off)
  • If you bought both Witcher Titles from GOG you’ll pay $47.99 (20% Off)
  • If you bought the Witcher elsewhere, you can add them to your GOG account for free and still only pay $47.99 (20% Off)

Did you get your Witcher games somewhere besides GOG? Don’t bother paying $53.99, you can still get the best $47.99 pre-order price. Simply make a GOG account, go here and scroll down the page to the “Bought The Witcher Games elsewhere?”. From there you will be directed to enter in your first two Witcher game product keys. Once they’re associated with your GOG account you can get the Witcher III for the reduced $47.99. You’ll also get a backup copy of the Witcher games on your GOG account.

Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-ordering from GOG has even more advantages. You’ll be given a ton of digital extras, including a free RPG for immediate download to help you kill time until that Feb. 24th release date.

  • Freebie of Neverwinter Nights for immediate download
  • Two multiplayer closed beta access key for The Witcher Adventure Game
  • The Witcher: House of Glass digital comic book
  • Extended soundtrack with 4 exclusive track
  • High quality digital artbook (over 200 pages of original art)
  • Additional artworks, avatars, wallpapers, videos, world map and more

But hey, if you’d rather pre-order a physical copy of The Witcher 3 for $59.99 at GameStop, your pre-order bonus will be a Witcher Key chain… Yep.

Viet Do

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