Remember how Nintendo’s GameBoy brought you portable gaming? (If you’re a 90s kid then you obviously do.) Well the SteamBoy wants to do the same with PC games. If you’re not familiar with Steam Machines, here’s a rundown: they’re basically specialized gaming PCs that run on Valve’s SteamOS, which brings PC gaming to your living room entertainment system. Announced on the last day of E3, the SteamBoy builds on this technology and will bring PC gaming to your pockets. ¬†Although still not an official finished design, the video showcases a device that combines the look of the Steam Controller and PlayStation’s Vita, featuring two touch pads, eight action buttons, four triggers and a two extra buttons toward the rear of the device.


The crew behind the SteamBoy (that’s not affiliated with Valve) also released some specs, such as a quad-core CPU, ¬†4GB Ram, 32 GB built-in memory card and a 5-inch 16:9 touchscreen. And it’ll have support for WiFi and 3G so that the handheld device won’t need a link with your PC. The project team says a release date will come sometime in 2015, which actually just might end up being the same time of the already announced Steam Machines.

Kristie Bertucci

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