Cyber crime is at an all time-high. Well over 300 million computers and Smartphones have been sold in 2013. That is a lot of bait and temptation for a cyber bandit, leaving them salivating with all sorts of nefarious possibilities. Make no mistake. If you surf the internet on a computer or smartphone, your digital freedom is under attack. Unfortunately many don’t know they’ve been compromised until their stolen data, financial account info and passwords have been used against them.

Finnish digital security sleuth company F-Secure and Hollywood celebrity David Hasslehoff shout, “No more!” The duo grant two unsuspecting web surfers the chance to meet the Knight Rider himself, Mr. David Hasslehoff to discuss meaning of “Digital Freedom” and what F-Secure is doing bolster digital defense for users. Hasslehoff and F-Secure put the spotlight on digital freedom and what it means to be a safe and secure computer user with the added peace of mind that F-Secure malware and anti-virus solutions offer.

The pilot of the autonomous ebony Trans Am with the British accent is no stranger to Freedom . He fought for it on the popular TV show Knight Rider. He sang about it on his 1988 album Looking For Freedom. He even travelled to the Berlin Wall, a beacon of the struggle for freedom, to promote the album. Now “The Hoff” returns to Berlin, this time with F-Secure on a similar quest for freedom, the freedom of your digital life.¬†Protect your digital data and fortify your computer files. Surf with security and compute with confidence using F-Secure.

This post has been sponsored by F-Secure but concerns our own opinion

Shawn Sanders

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