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Battery cases are practically essential of the way many of us use our iPhones these days. I’m on my phone so much that I have to constantly juice it up in fear of it dying out. Battery cases obviously provide more power for you phone, but in most cases, they also add on more bulk. The Kickstarter campaign for the Augment Modular Charging Case provides power when you need it and none of the bulk when you don’t. Not only are battery cases large and bulky, but sometimes they can comprise compatibility.The Augment wants to change all that as the first of its kind mobile charging solution.

augment charge case

It’s a modular design iPhone 5/5s case and charging module that integrates seamlessly with each other to provide you with 60% more power when you need it most. Just like any other premium iPhone case, the Augment offers unique style and protection,¬†as well as a “plug-and-play” battery module that will boost your phone’s power before it dies out. The extra module is super compact and can fit in your coin pocket. Just plug in the battery module for a few charge when you’re on the go, while still enjoying a slim device when you’re fully charged. And recharging is simple since you can charge the phone and module together or individually using the included micro USB cable. Get your own Augment battery case in either black, red or blue by pledging $50 (pledge $20 just to get the case without the extra battery module).

augment charge case

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