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Today is Blogger Christmas, otherwise known as the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote speech. This is where Apple rolls out new software, new toys, and other fun stuff that we’ll spend most of the rest of the year covering. And, just like any other Christmas, we’ve got a wish list.

1. An Improved, More Open Apple TV

Apple TV is, well, kind of a mess right now as a product. It’s been lapped by Roku and Sony, of all companies, in the fight to control what you use to stream stuff to your television. But the Apple TV is, despite its limitations, a good product that deserves a real chance, and to be broken free of the shackles of iTunes. We hope Apple makes the call and sets the little box free.

2. Apple And Amazon Improving Their Relationship

OK, so this is profoundly unlikely, for a wide variety of reasons. Apple and Amazon are competitors in some respects, and Apple is rumored to still be bitter Amazon dragged it to court over price-fixing and won. But by the same token, it would be nice if Apple and Amazon buried the hatchet and started working together to offer better services on Apple products. Amazon Instant Video needs work, for example. These two taking down walls would be a nice touch.

3. An iPod Refresh… Or Send-Off

The iPod is more or less dead. We all know this, and it’s largely thanks to Apple itself and the rapidly expanding iDevice universe. What is the “iPod Touch,” aside from sad and unloved, except an iPhone with the cellular radio stripped out? Apple is going to be shutting down the iPod line sooner rather than later, especially with sales of the device so low in the first place, and those decreases rapidly accelerating year over year. Apple should either salvage it or give it a Viking funeral.

4. Something Weird

Apple has been a bit dull and predictable since the iPad. Honestly, it hasn’t really had reason to try and shake things up. It’s one thing when you’re the scrappy competitor nobody’s really taking seriously, and quite another when you’re the biggest company on Earth. Apple just basically hasn’t been having any fun, or trying anything really new, and honestly, it’s beginning to wear on the company a little bit. It’d be nice if Apple introduces something out of left field, an attempt to intercept and bring forward the future like it used to do.


5. Some Rumor Control

Apple is like a tabloid in that they’ll never deny anything. Is Apple working on a television? Maybe! How about a smart watch? You never know! Maybe a thermostat? Sure, why not?

It’s true there’s only so much the company can say about its costs and what it’s doing, but still, torpedoing a few rumors would be a welcome change of pace. If nothing else, it would shut up Apple’s fanboy ecosystem on a few points, which would practically be a public service. And no, Apple fanboys, your magic television is not coming this year. Or ever.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.