iPhone 5s aren’t exactly cheap. As Apple’s latest “it” smartphone model (until the 6 drops), you’re going to have to dish out at least $199 for the 16GB and up to $399 for the 64GB one (that’s with a contract with one of the providers) or up to $849 for the largest model without a contract. To protect your investment and your social life, it’s wise to get a case that can handle anything life throws at you – accidental spills, drops and more. We’ve rounded up some of the best tough cases around that will protect your iPhone 5s from life and it’s unpredictability.

15. Ballistic Hard Core Case


Nothing but hard core protection is what the Ballistic Hard Core Case ($59.99) offers that’s resistant to fingerprints, scratches, dust, and of course, accidental drops. There’s a built-in screen protector with the tough case as well, protecting the smartphone’s display from damage.

14. Zagg iFrogz Bullfrogz Case

Zagg iFrogz Bullfrogz Case

The Zagg iFrogz Bullfrogz Case ($29.99) won’t break the bank and will still provide ultimate protection thanks to its two-piece design. the Bullfrogz case is highly resistant to impact while still  leaving all ports and sensors accessible.

13. Speck ToughSkin Duo Case

Speck ToughSkin Duo Case

The Speck ToughSkin Duo Case ($39.95) features a slim slim inner layer and a rubbery outer layer so that your phone is protected against light and serious drops. And the inner case can be used alone when you don’t need extra protection.

12. Seidio Obex Case


Keep dust, dirt, water and other liquids away from your phone when it’s covered by the Seidio Obex Case ($79.95)  that even  exceeds the IP68 specification making it tougher than most cases.

11. Griffin Survivor Case

griffin survivor case

If you’re be facing extreme conditions, your phone is going to need the Griffin Survivor Case ($49.99) since it’s the must-have case for extreme conditions, ensuring resistance against dirt, sand, shock, vibrations, and the elements.

10. RokForm RokShield v3 Case


Protection that’s affordable is what the RokForm RokShield v3 Case ($39) offers, with a screen protector included with the case.

9. Case-Mate Tough Xtreme Case


Tough and durable is what you get when the Case-Mate Tough Xtreme Case ($60) covers your phone since it’s made to meet or exceed military=grade specifications for damage.

8. Cygnett WorkMate Case

Cygnett WorkMate Case

With the Cygnett WorkMate Case’s heavy-duty outer shell combined with its impact-resistant inner layer, you get extra protection for your buck! It also has a screen protector that comes with the tough case.

7. Lunatik Taktik Extreme Case


The Lunatik Taktik Extreme Case ($124.95) protects against drops, impact and screen damage, as well as water and dust. All ports on the tough case are still accessible by lifting the flaps that cover them.

6. Otterbox Defender Series Case


The rugged multi-layer tough Otterbox Defender Series Case ($49.95)will protect your phone against drops and dust. It also features an integrated screen protector that guards against scratches. You can even build your own case that suits your personality!

5. Ballistic Every1 Case


Super tough is the best way to describe the Ballistic Every1 Case ($50)that will protect your phone from spills, drops and more – without adding extra bulk that can weigh you down. There’s also a built-in kickstand and it comes in different colors.

4. Gumdrop Drop Tech Series


A tough case with good looks is what the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case ($45) provides with two layers of protection that conforms to your phone. It even has a built-in screen cover to protect from scratches.

3. G-Form Xtreme Case


Drops are no problem when you have the  G-Form Xtreme Case ($34.99) protecting your phone since it features three layers of ultimate protection. It also features their “patented Reactive Protection Technology with a rigid outer polycarbonate shell and an inner shock-absorbing TPE insert” for added protection.

2. Otterbox Armor Series Case

otter box defender series

If you want ultimate protection from accidents, then protect your phone using the Otterbox Armor Series Case ($99.99). The tough case available in three color schemes and has a slim design that’s waterproof up o 6.6 feet.

1. Element Rouge Black Ops Case

element rogue black ops

The Element Rouge Black Ops Case ($99.95) is rugged yet slim, providing great protection without added weight. It features Hogue’s proprietary Cobblestone grip and colors in the back plate insert with matching CNC machined aluminum side rails and comes with a Tactical Holster for easy carrying on your belt or back pack.

Kristie Bertucci

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