NC Soft just released the server list for upcoming MMO WildStar. As seen above, there are in total 11 servers are dedicated to Europe, 11 for North America – although 1 of those is labeled “Oceanic” and probably best for those down under. Regions are locked to your game key, so someone in North America cannot play on a European server and vice versa.

While the game debuts on June 3rd, those who pre-order will get a 3-day head start and can start up early on Saturday, May 31st. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, the cheapest way to go is Green Man Gaming, where yesterday they launched a new 22% off coupon code slashing a significant chunk out of the price tag.

The coupon discount will run through Friday May 28th, at 9am Pacific. The coupon discount applies to both North America and Europe. The game keys are distributed at GMG based on your IP address at the time of purchase, so if you plan on playing on North American servers be sure to turn off any software that routes your IP address through Europe (this was a significant issue on their forums).

Which server should I play on?

Australian and New Zealand players get the easy answer, it’s Myrcalus since that is dedicated to the “Oceanic” region. The rest of us will likely decide on language and whether your play style is suited more towards Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, or Role Playing.

North America Europe
Avatus – PVE Ascendancy – English – PVE
Caretaker – PVE Eko – English – PVE
Mikros – PVE Ikthia – German – PVE
Orias – PVE Kazor – German – PVE
Stormtalon – PVE Stormfather – French – PVE
Thunderfoot – PVE Hazak – English – PVP
Pago – PVP Progenitor – German – PVP
Pergo – PVP Treespeaker – French – PVP
Widow – PVP Lightspire – English – RP – PVE
Evindra – RP – PVE Toria – German – RP – PVE
Myrcalus – Oceanic PVE Triton – French – RP – PVE

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