While June 3rd marks the official release date for the upcoming MMO WildStar, you can actually play this weekend if you have access to the WildStar closed Beta. On Friday, May 2nd at 7am Pacific the servers open and then close again on Sunday, 11:59pm Pacific.

Don’t have a Beta key? Pre-ordering the game will get you access no matter where you buy, but just in time for the last Beta weekend the PC Digital retailer GameFly launched a 20%  off coupon code on select games, of which WildStar and its “Deluxe Edition” both qualify.

Note: The coupon code ends soon.

Pre-ordering from GMG will get you a Beta key right away via email. In order to redeem, create an NC Soft account here. After that enter your Beta key in the “Apply A Code” section. Once completed, you’ll download the game launcher. Installing the game launcher will then begin the download of the actual WildStar Game. If you catch this before the Beta starts, you can start downloading the game before the Beta goes live (recommended since the download is around 17GB).

Pre-order Bonuses

Ordering from GMG gets you the same pre-order bonuses as everywhere else. With a 3 day head start and a month for free, anyone who knows they’re going to buy the game probably should pre-order.

  • 3 Day Head Start
  • 30 days of play time
  • Access to Beta Weekend
  • Guest pass for 7 days of play time each
  • Exclusive Rocket House
  • Exclusive Housing Trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title: “Chosen of the Progenitors”
  • In-game Storage Bag


Deluxe Vs. Standard

The Deluxe Edition gives you a better aesthetic appeal in the game. In addition to everything you get in the standard Edition, you’ll also receive:

  • Hoverboard Mount (pictured below)
  • Eldan Costume
  • Eldan Player Title
  • Dye – Eldan colours
  • Housing Décor Item


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