What a week! Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z gets smacked around in an elevator lift by Solange, the singer and sister of Jay’s wife/popstar Beyonce. Justin Bieber is in the news again boring the hell out of unsuspecting news followers. NBA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling has successfully earned another asshat award, this time for insulting Magic Johnson for having HIV. Sounds like they all need to take their disputes to the “sticks” for some digital resolution. Street Fighter, Call of Duty…whatever. Play against each other. The winner is vindicated. The loser respectfully tucks his or her tail between their legs and all parties shut up and move on.

Thankfully this past week, the game industry was exceedingly less dramatic. We kick off with…

1. Battlefield 4 Test Environment

bf game report 3

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say nearly all major EA titles should have a community test environment. More games seem to launch from EA unfinished and still requiring technical polish. This particular test environ for BF4 will help EA suss out netcode issues around player interaction, damage registration…you know all those things we yell at the TV/Monitors about when we’re playing poorly (I kid). The company states,

By launching this new program, not only will we be able to address player feedback at an early stage, but also increase the overall quality of the game. We are excited to explore the possibilities together with you.

2. Xbox One w/ No Kinect? $100 Cheaper!

xbox_one_game report

So the official big news here is obvious. In a fit of reason steering away from the initial price gouging, Microsoft has decided to cut Kinect from upcoming Xbox One. The new machine will retail for only $399, which still not easy pill to swallow, but cheaper nonetheless. The always-on Kinect sensor of the original Xbone caught an enormous amount of fire from pundits, industry vets and their own community. Yet complaints about snooping and privacy forced Msoft’s hand and the company pulled the feature at the last minute. Since then the company has been on its heels backpeddling where Kinect is concerned. Kincet was touted as the future of gaming. So what is it now?

3. Watch_Dogs 101

This is going to be one super dense open world. Consider this your Watch Dogs class orientation. This particular trailer runs down what it means to play Watch_Dogs. Learn everything from hacking, characters, the mobile companion app, the intricacies of driving and supposed game changers. Understand the extend of your hacking abilities. The game is only a couple weeks away. Take that time to brush up on the characters, the tech and how they converge before the game’s launch on May 29th.

4. Titanfall Expedition DLC Tomorrow

Well we’re not getting any new Titans. But Titanfall’s coming Expedition DLC will dole out 3 new maps. Swampland, Runoff and Wargames will each offer cool new ways for pilots to traverse the environs. The Expedition DLC will also bring a new patch full of bug fixes and changes. Some of these include support for 144 frames per second on PC versions of the game providing the PC is properly kitted out. We will also get custom private match settings, last game summary improvements and more.

5. Dying Light delayed 2015

dying-light_game report 3

Here’s another victim of the delay demon. But popular developer Techland  is striving for quality. Dying Light’s movement system will be one of the areas of focus for fine tuning during the elongated development cycle. The new date is now etched in brains of all those who preordered the game hoping to survive the zombie hordes before the year’s light has ironically died out. So much for those hopes. Dying Light is coming February 2015. Prepare your candles.

6. No 1080p For Watch_Dogs on Consoles

watch-dogs_game report 3-2

Next gen consoles are proving to be anything but… Titanfall was the first major triple AA console title to miss the 1080p mark. I should note, 1080p is a current standard. It should not be considered “next-gen”. So anything below that is even further from the mark. Now the gorgeous Watch_Dogs is set to also hit just shy of 1080p on both new consoles. Ubisoft announced just yesterday, that the title would run at 900p on PS4 and the even lower 792p on Xbox One. If you think that’s a low blow, then guard your unmentionables now. Each system will run the game at 30 frames per second. If any game runs at 30fps on my PC, then something’s broken and needs to be replaced in my system. PC versions of the game will still run at least 60fps (probably more) and support resolutions up to 4K on PC.

7. Portal and Half-Life SHIELD-ed

Developer Valve’s most critically acclaimed titles (arguably) have landed on Nvidia’s handy little SHIELD mobile gaming device. The original Portal and Half-Life 2 These titles will physically rest on the storage drive of the device and will not require streaming with effective but needy GameStream functionality. Both titles are available through the Google Play store. Also I’ve seen Portal pop up on the TegraZone store, which means it should be optimized to take advantage of the Tegra 4 processor.

8. Red Dead Redepmtion for PC?!?!


I don’t have a heck of lot to say about this one. But as I’ve said before, “Hope springs eternal.” The Windows Compatibility Center briefly featured a listing for Rockstars acclaimed open world gun slinger western, Red Dead Redemption the loose sequel to Red Dead Revolver. It listed the title as compatible with Windwos 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. It has since been yanked. But the listing has the industry curious and anxious a PC version will finally see the light of day.

9. Game Deals – Ubisoft Week


If you’re Tom Clancy game junkie than now the time to fill up the missing holes in your conspiracy spy game collection. Dealzon has multiple listings for several of the best Tom Clancy games from Ubisoft.

24-Hour Deals: Tom Clancy’s Games

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