Ok so yeah! Lets try this out — a weekly recap of the top gaming goodness the last 7 days have bequeathed upon us the button mashing masses. Our game deal news and 1st impressions seems to continually find a warm place with our gaming news hungry readers. Now it’s time to give context to your potential spending. This past week in gaming was an interesting one. Halo game develop Bungie revealed the team is focusing soley on Destiny for consoles and any attention on a PC SKU would muddy the current dev-waters for a polished console release. PC may happen as the devs claim allegiance to the platform. But it’s not in the cards now, Bungie is just too busy. More on that here from Eurogamer. That’s a mere morsel of the goodies that await below.

1. Fan Made Xbox Dashboard UI Gets Microsoft’s Attention

Check this out. This beauty is completely fan made using Adobe Flash. It features swappable backgrounds, brightness slider, color scheme, transparency options and more. Awesome stuff. Chime in where you can and help influence MSoft who are already checking this out. Nice!

2. Japanese Publisher Kadokawa Acquires From Software


Armored Core and Dark Souls series developer was just acquired by Kadokawa. The Japanese publisher has been a heavy hitter in the manga publishing game for decades now. Gaming is not completely new for the company, having published Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead. The recently released Dark Souls 2 and Armored Core join Neon Genesis and Cowboy Bebob as IPs under Kadokawa. But new IPs have already been confirmed. Stay tuned!

3. Watch_Dogs Season Pass Content Revealed

More missions as Aiden, more clothing and customization options and play as T-Bone, the nutty but proficient hacker of the game. The new mode is also inbound that reminds me of old sci-fi flick They Live with Rowdy Piper. Something else walks among the unsuspecting citizens of Chicago.

4. FREE Watch_Dogs When You Pick Up Select Nvidia Video Cards

Nvidia is offering a free copy (digital download) of Watch_Dogs when you purchase a GTX 780 Ti, 780, 770 and 760 video card. EVGA extends the offer further by including even more Nvidia GeForce cards from their product library. Purchase an EVGA GeForce GTX 660, 660 Ti, 670, 680, 760, 770, 780 780, Titan and Titan Black for a free copy of Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs (ships May 27th) The video above showcases all the visual candy found in the PC version Watch_Dogs when using one of these GeForce offerings.

5. Daylight Ships on Playstation 4 and PC

6. Transformers Universe Founder Program

Looking to get a Metroplex-sized head start in Transformers Universe MMO? Drop some real money to cut a few corners on the grind. Warriors, exlusive content and other items are on offering in the newly released Founders Program.

7. Star Citizen Hits $43 Million in Crowd Funding

StarCitizenDev DFM

Yup! It’s still going strong. The biggest thing in gaming is a little independent endeavor from game developer veteran Chris Roberts and its called Star Citizen, an open world space combat and exploration MMO. Now over a year of funding is well behind Chris and his Cloud Imperium Games company and $43 million has been reached with little end in sight. With this milestone, like all the others, backers receive some goodies for helping reach the $43mil. Every backer will receive a Marine combat armor – Oni Role Combat Armor (PRC) mk9. The next step for Chris is making good on the dogfighting alpha module. This will allow all those who have backed and pledge finacial support, will be able to fly the very ships they now have waiting in their hangars. Above is a video of Chris showing a rougher build of the Dogfighting module at this year’s PAX East.

8. Project CARS vs. Real-Life Comparison Video

This game is simply gorgeous. Gran Turismo and Forza have nothing on this gem in sheer attention to detail and real-life bad-assery. Here the aptly named Slighty Mad Studios have the wonderful audacity to pit their in-game graphic against reality. Watch this side-by-side footage of a BMW M3 GTS GT4 being driven on California’s renowned Laguna Seca track both in real life and in the game. Amazing stuff!

9. Mad Max Pushed to Next Year. New Trailer Right Now!

Makers of the stellar Just Cause 2 are back with the promise of diesel-fueled post-apocalyptic greatness. There’s not much to go on here but, at least it’s something to remind us all of Max’s homecoming.

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