There’s really only one reason to watch a Transformers movie, beyond nostalgia, and that’s to see things blow up real good. Fortunately, Michael Bay has remembered this in the new trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

Like Clockwork


Hard to believe they’ve been turning out one of these movies every two years, but they have, and we’re up to the fourth one. The plot this time is that a government agency run by Stanley Tucci, subbing for John Turturro, has found out that Transformers are made of invaluable Plotdeviceium. As a result, they’re on a Transformers hunt. Mark Wahlberg, meanwhile, has found Optimus Prime, who is less than enthused to discover humans want to scrap his people to build tanks. No time to worry about that, though, because even more robots are invading, with guns for faces.

Facegun Status

If it seems like they’re digging rather deeply into the franchise for new Transformers to blow things up with at this point, well, you’re not entirely wrong. Most of the series is littered with the bodies of various Transformers killed in the line of duty and/or while trying to destroy the world. On the other hand, they haven’t featured the Dinobots yet, so it’s Grimlock’s time to shine. Admittedly, it’s not clear whether he’ll show the tendency towards Hulk Speak the original Grimlock had, and also we don’t remember Optimus Prime riding him with a sword. But hey, the original cartoon had a romance between a Transformer and a mermaid, so we can’t blame them for picking and choosing.

Dinobots, Roll Out


We’ll be able to get a sense of what we’ll be enjoying in theaters and some nerds will be whining about outside them come June 27th, when the movie debuts to get ahead of the Fourth of July movie season. Personally, we think it should open during Oscar season, since we all get sick of sensitive dramas, but hey, we’re not the ones scheduling the movies.

Dan Seitz

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