Super heroes might make great blockbuster flicks, but TV execs want to bring some of that blockbuster magic to the small screen with all sorts of new superhero shows. The Avengers got a cool spin-off with ABC’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and now the CW is looking to get in some super hero action with their upcoming show “The Flash.” The network has released a series trailer that provides potential viewers and fans a look into the DC Comics hero and his origins, which is mainly what the series will be about. The Flash’s alter ego Barry Allen has already appeared briefly in CW’s other DC Comics series, “Arrow,” with the spinoff having a big crossover between the two shows.

the flash

The extended trailer not only provides the origin story of The Flash (his mom was killed when he was a boy in front of him and now he wants revenge as an adult), but it also provides a quick glimpse of the murderer, running super fast in a yellow suit. The tagline for the show is “Don’t Blink,” and for those who did watching the trailer, you might have missed what sort of looked like it could be Reverse Flash, the classic villain from the comics. Viewers also get a glimpse of Barry’s love interest, Iris West. And since this is a spinoff, expect it to share plots with “Arrow.”

Kristie Bertucci

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