Sleep Number Mattress


Earlier in January at the CES 2014 show, Sleep Number unveiled their smart beds that features their SleepIQ software (which premiered in their premium model mattress), and now they’re including it in their entire bed series.  So what’s great about this new tech you might be thinking? Well, for starters, it registers movement and the way you sleep, breathing rate and heart rate around 500 times each second, which warranted a $6,000 price tag for the X12 model that first featured the technology.

But now, you can get a mattress with the tech for a more modest $1,000 price tag. The bed lets you track and optimize your sleep thanks to its sensors that work with their Sleep Number DualAir technology, allowing you to measure how you sleep. This data is supposed to help you adjust your sleep number so that you’re getting optimal rest. It’ll also measure and help you understand how your partners sleeps and how it impacts your own rest.

Kristie Bertucci

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