There aren’t many items one sees as a filmmaker or photographer where you think “Holy crap, I have to have that.” But the Edelkrone Pocket Rig manages to pull that off to a shocking degree. Here are four reasons it’s worth buying, pro photographer or casual shooter.

1. It’s A Shoulder Rig In A Tiny Package

If you shoot video, you know that far too often the weight of shooting something falls, quite literally, on your shoulders. Either you need to carry complex technology on your shoulder, or there’s a goofy, expensive skeletal rig you have to drape over your should.

The Pocket Rig dodges that with a tiny, telescoping pole that you pull out from the bottom, lock into place, and boom; instant “rifle”-style should support. No complex rigging, no fuss, just what you need in a tiny little package. And if that’s a bit too uncomfortable, clip it to your belt instead.

2. It’s Built For Convenience

Obviously, there’s the matter of size. “Pocket Rig” is not an idle term, this really can fit in your pocket, although admittedly if you want the accessories you’ll probably have to sacrifice sticking this in your pants.

But there are other nice design touches as well. For example, when your battery dies, as they’re wont to do on DSLRs, instead of having to undo the entire rig, you can just reposition it for a second, swap out your batteries, and get back to shooting. Anybody who’s had to stop everything just to slot a battery in knows just how time-saving, and frustration-saving, that particular feature is. You can even use a tripod with the rig attached.

3. It’s Got Lots Of Useful Accessories, If You Want Them

Not everybody is going to need everything that can be bolted to the Pocket Rig, but there’s a surprising amount of stuff you can get to better support your camera. You can add rod extensions, handles, a follow focus, a hand strap and a whole host of other useful tools for the professional shooter who needs a fairly light piece of gear.

Essentially you can get a much tighter camera setup into a much smaller space, and that’s going to be useful for professionals and dedicated amateurs.


4. It’ll Make Your Video Better, Regardless

Even if you just spend the $300 on the Pocket Rig, you really should spend the $300 on the Pocket Rig. More and more we’re taking video, especially video of events we want to remember, using DSLRs. And, honestly, DSLRs aren’t the best for shooting video. They’re far better, and offer better options, but the form factor means you’ll get a lot of shakiness and fatigue right when you really don’t want it.

Having a Pocket Rig handy means you can support your camera better, get better shots while standing, and generally just shoot better in the first place. Plus, it’ll take up no space and make your off-the-cuff photography better as well. So, shoot your photos right the first time, and use the Pocket Rig to make it happen.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.