Boys night out just got a whole lot luxurious thanks to Lyft Plus! The new premium service from Lyft is a high-end service that adds some luxury to ridesharing without breaking the bank or paying high premiums for Uber SUV (Lyft claims that the service costs 40 percent less than the Uber SUV and 20 percent less than Uber black) or a limo. The new service allows users to request a “sophisticated custom six-seater” just as you would any other Lyft vehicle. But instead, you’ll get a customized Ford Explorer that seats six and has one of the company’s better-rated drivers to whisk you from bar to bar for a night to remember (or not because you’re probably be too smashed with your boys).

Lyft Plus

The Fords have been tricked-out by the famed West Coast Customs, which will have lots of bespoke additions like: a custom grill featuring an elegant brushed steel mustache; a white exterior paint job; illuminated entrance with custom under-car LED lights, 20″ wheels; custom leather interior with a quilted diamond patterned for ultimate comfort; special amenities with plugs to charge your device; and even Spotify Premium in-car so you can drive to your favorite tunes. Right now, there’s a pilot rollout happening in San Francisco, CA with fares costing twice as much as regular Lyft rides, but the new Plus service should be a relative ┬ácheap option if all your buddies are looking to splurge on a fun night out and you all pitch in.

Kristie Bertucci

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