Lenovo’s Y40 & Y50 Gaming Laptop Now Released! Ships Within 7 Days (Updated: Price Drop!)

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13 Comments to Lenovo’s Y40 & Y50 Gaming Laptop Now Released! Ships Within 7 Days (Updated: Price Drop!)

  1. I don’t know if I want to go with Lenovo again after the experience I’ve had with the y570. This laptop has been a major piece of junk since I’ve had it. The new laptops sound great but I’m afraid the build quality will be poor again.

    • What happened to your Y570? Did it overheat? I recall reading that the Y570 (or maybe the Y580) had a bit of problem with overheating given some GPUs weren’t effectively cooled

      • Yea, it overheats, especially w/o a cooling pad. So I use a cooling mat for it right now at all times and usually does fine when playing games like Guild Wars 2, Dota 2, Smite, Left 4 Dead 2, Path of Exile among others. But try to play a more demanding game like Battlefield 3, and it will be fine for like 10 minutes, then start to get near 100 degrees celcius and start to throttle and thus, framerate issues get worse. There’s really nothing I can do. I have it optimized with Throttlestop and the right power settings, so I have it running the best it can. But the design of the laptop, like you said, causes it to overheat no matter what you do. This doesn’t include the issues with build quality, such as the grates over the heatsink, the crappy keyboard, the hinges that have broken, and overall flimsy feel of the laptop.

    • My sentiments exactly. However, my displeasure is with the y410p. They don’t sell components for its ultra bay. What a waste.

      • Seriously? That’s some bullcrap. Just another reason not to get a Lenovo. Their customer service and overall quality of their laptops are enough for me to continue to avoid them. I am not going to pay much attention to the early reviews of these new gaming laptops they released because they haven’t played them long enough to give a true review.

  2. Anonymous

    The Y50 with 4k display isn’t available yet and isn’t mentioned on the Lenovo site yet. So those looking for a 4k display are waiting even longer, apparently.

    • Yup, and shipping time may be even longer. Not sure if I’d get a UHD version as Windows 8 scaling with high DPI display can be a bit painful.

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