Updated 5/8: Price discount on the Y40 with 512GB plus base model Y50! Now much more affordable. Details below.

Gamers waiting for the latest and greatest rejoice! The highly anticipated Lenovo Y40 is now available for sale at Lenovo Store, starting at a price of $1099.00 (this is after a $300 discount shown on the Lenovo store). The bigger brother Y50 also made its way onto the store front with 3 configuration options.

Best Value Y40 & Y50 deals:

Shipping time and currently available models:

All shipping time below are estimated business days. There is currently 3 Y50 models available and 4 Y40 models available. The Y50′s shipping time is stretched even further as supplies are already dwindling.

Shipping time for the Y40 is currently at 10-12 business days for the cheapest model ($1,099 with 256GB SSD), and 5-7 business day for the slightly pricier 512GB SSD model which is at $1,299. For the 15-inch Y50, shipping time is 10-12 business days for the non-touchscreen version (update: now 3-4 weeks!), while the multitouch is shipping in greater than 5 weeks (probably best to avoid this for now). Missing in action (as noted in the comments below) is the Ultra HD 4K version of the Y50. Though no price have been revealed yet, looking at the regular 1080p version the Ultra HD version may be priced as high as $1,699.

Last shown at CES 2014 earlier this year, the Lenovo Y40 and Y50 (no IdeaPad moniker) is the successor to previous 14-inch gaming laptop such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p and the respective 15-inch Y510p.   These laptops are performance machines equipped with a high-end Intel Core i7 CPU along with a respectable mid-range Nvidia or Radeon GPU with a value-minded price range.

For our latest incarnation, the laptop has been thinned down to a measly 0.9-inch thick for BOTH the Y40 and Y50 (decent size that manages to stuff in a higher mid-range GPU by ditching the optical drive). Although all those fans and beefy power of course comes at a cost of weight, with the laptop still weighing in at 4.85 lbs for the Y40 and 5.68 for the Y50. While not excessively heavy, both of these laptops are certainly not in the “lightweight” category.

The new Y40 comes with:

  • Core i7-4500U (clocks in at 1.80Ghz)
  • AMD Radeon R9 M270 with 2GB of Video RAM
  • 14-inch Full HD LED Display (1920 x 1080)
  • Starts at 8GB of RAM (up to 16GB)
  • 256GB SSD, or 512GB SSD (there’s also an option for a 1TB HDD)
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160
  • 4 Cell 48 Watt Hour Li-Ion battery

Compare to the older Y410p, which has:

  • Core i7-4700MQ (Quad Core vs the Dual Core in i7-4500U)
  • GeForce GT 755M (Nvidia vs AMD Radeon)
  • Up to 900p HD+ (vs current FHD 1080p)
  • 24GB mSSD (vs current regular SSD)

The new Y50 comes with:

  • Intel Core i7-4700HQ (2.4Ghz)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M 2GB & 4GB
  • 15-inch Full HD LED Display (1920 x 1080 – touch optional)
  • Optional Ultra HD “4K” Display at 3840 x 2160
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • Hybrid 1TB HDD + 8GB SSHD; or 512GB SSD

Compare to the older Y50p, which has:

  • Core i7-4700MQ (equivalent performance)
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 755M (optional Dual GPU SLI config)
  • 15-inch Full HD LED (new Y50 has multitouch option)
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • 24GB mSSD (vs Y50′s 8GB SSHD)

The best value thus far is the 256GB SSD Y40 model, albeit you’ll have to deal with the 10-12 business day shipping time frame (accounting for shipping time, this means the Y40 doesn’t get into your grubby hands until about 14-17 days later). If you have the cash and know you’ll use the larger storage anyways, you can spring an extra $200 for the Y40 with 512GB which is shipping within 5-7 business days.

As for the Y50, while the cheapest priced model is actually the multitouch display model at $1,299, you’ll actually have to wait well over 5 weeks for the laptops to be out of production and starts shipping. For $50 more, you can ditch the multitouch panel, get 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 860M with 4GB of RAM vs 2GB. Seems like a much better deal to us.

Are you buying the Y40 or Y50 from Lenovo? Or will you wait a bit longer to see if they introduce other configuration option? Let us know in the comments below!



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