The Word Cup is coming up! Get pumped for lots of soccer (or “football” as it’s known everywhere else but the States) by improving on your own game using the Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball. The smart ball helps you improve and fine-tune your dead-ball kicking technique with instant feedback on spin, power, trajectory and strike, in addition to providing tips and guidance so that you get the most out of your game. The soccer ball features an integrated sensor that can detect speed, spin, flight path and strike that instantly gets sent to your iPhone (or Apple device that runs on iOS7 or higher) via Bluetooth.

miCoach ball

You can easily focus on your ability to control, strike and manipulate the ball and get results back in real-time so that you can easily practice more until it’s practically perfect. And the app also has a library of cool ball-mastery videos with drills and tips to help you meet your goals. You can also track your progress in the app’s Record Book and even share your stats with your friends (because we all like to brag)! But the great thing about it is that ball feel and reaction is just like a normal soccer ball; you won’t feel the difference. It’s Size 5 relation and is a thermal bonded 32-panel ball with an integrated sensor package. To use, simply inflate it like a regular soccer ball. You’ll be able to practice for hours at a time side its battery life is about 2,000 kicks with charging time about one hour to get a full charge. Serious soccer (football) players won’t mind its $299 price tag.

miCoach soccer ball

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