Summer is around the corner and that means super hot weather! Thanks to global warming, summers are not even hotter than ever, reaching in the triple digits all over the world. To stay cool this summer, it’s imperative to have your AC on, but if you don’t want a gigantic electric bill, you’ll have to control your AC use. But this year, don’t fret over your AC and all its functions – instead use  tado° Cooling take control. Here’s a few reasons why you’ll want to get the tado° Cooling device to help keep you cool this summer! And if you hurry, you might still be able to get the Early Bird special of pledging $69 or more (it goes up to $99 after).

*Your AC has to come with a remote control for it to be compatible with tado° Cooling

1. Connects Your AC to Your Phone


tado° Cooling turns your AC into a Smart device and connects it to your phone for easily use and monitoring. The device controls your AC unit via infrared like a remote control and then connects to your phone via your local Wi-Fi network. And when your moving around your home, it detects your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can use it anywhere you are.

2. Come Home To A Cool House

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a cool place after you’ve been in the heat, which is what tado° offers. You can pre-cool your home to just the right temperature for when you get home from work, or you can easily turn in off after you forget to wherever you are. 

3. Easy-to-Use Module


The module that connects to your AC is super easy to use. It features an elegant and discreet display that shows you info when you want it, so you don’t have an ugly unit messing up your walls. And if you don’t want to control it with your phone, there’s a captive surface that allows you to manually control it.

4. Humidity Sensor

If you don’t want your home feeling hot or humid, the device allows you to set a humidity level that you want in your home it’ll make sure to turn on the AC from time to time to make sure that level is kept there so it doesn’t get  like your summer vacation to Hawaii in your house.

5. Complement Your Home’s Decor

For those who want to make sure it matches the color of their home can opt for the Limited Color Edition version by pledging $179 or more. You get to choose any color combination for the back plate cable and LED.

6. Saves Energy and Money


For more than three year, tado° has been making heating systems in Europe smart and now they’ve turned their attention to AC units. According to the company, you can reduce your AC electricity consumption by up to 40% without having to sacrifice a cool home. This in turn will save you money on your electrical bill, and saving money is always a plus!

Kristie Bertucci

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