6 Reasons Why iPhone 5S Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S5 (list)

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16 Comments to 6 Reasons Why iPhone 5S Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S5 (list)

  1. Charles Bolland

    When will these isheep realize that they are a dying breed. Catch a wake up Hammod, Samsung control the smart phone market.

    • The iPhone 5s has been out much longer then the latest galexy and they still have almost the same specs and speed with galexy only barely winning in a couple ways. When the new iphone comes out this year it’ll be about the same time that the galexy came out after the latest iOS. And in every catogirie the galexy will lose. Just like it always has

      • you have no idea what you are talking about.
        It clearly show the lack of knology about tech…
        Sorry it it looks rude…

  2. Anonymous

    Samsung is wayyyyy to bloated and packed of features you don’t even use which just wastes your battery life if you have them enabled and apple is so simple and full of features that everyone loves it and is also very clean and organised compared to samsungs pages of settings of unnecessary information. I am very excited for the iphone 6 which will feature a 4.7 inch display

  3. Anonymous

    screen size big, screen clarity gr8, sound good ,video recording gr8 4k, 128 Gb external , 16 Gb internal, look wise apple – application wise galaxy S5

  4. Mike Bullivant

    Wow, that has to be the poorest review I have read in a while. I was expecting to read about some killer features on the iPhone that out paced the S5 but instead got an apple fan boys views.
    Poor review with no merit whatsoever, you should stick to playing games on your phone not comparative reviews you clearly have no talent for it.

    • Anonymous

      Hehehe couldn’t agree more, talks about stuff obviously that they dont know how to use in android based phones. A few months ago, I ask a friend of mine who has a 5s, what fitness app come with your phone, he could not tell me. Another friend keeps asking me jow to fix issues with its camera on the 5s. Tipical isheeps

  5. Wasted my life reading this

    This comparison is worthless; why is the poster ignoring how the real world performance is and instead focusing on ‘bloatware’ and how he prefers the camera?
    This isn’t S5 vs 5S, this is just a generic android vs IOS review.

  6. None of these things are even remotely a good enough reason to pick iPhone over the galaxy. This was pitiful. It furthers my opinion that the iPhone is nothing more than a fashion accessory. Come on. Fanboy.

  7. Brandon.S

    You helped me make up my mind all right. Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition it is! Once it is available, of course.

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