Fitness devices have doubled in the last few years with pedometers the popular choice when it comes to fitness trackers. While most are wrist worn, others are clipped on to your clothing to track your heart rate and calories burned. But OMsignal wants to change the way we think of fitness devices with its OM smart shirts that feature embedded sensor tech that will track your activity, fitness and stress. After raising $1 million in funding last year, OMsignal is now offering pre-orders for their undershirt, sleeveless shirt, T-shit and long-sleeved shirt for me. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to add them to your gym bags.

1. It Tracks More Than Average Wristband Trackers


While all the other tracker can track your heart rate and calories burned, the tech in these shirts also do your breathing rate, breathing volume, movement (step counter), and movement intensity.

2. They’re Regular Shirts


Just because they have advanced sensor technology built-in doesn’t mean they’re bulky. Instead, they resemble ordinary shirts that include small module clips that are built-in to the shirt to provide power (for up to two to three days of normal use). The chip isn’t much larger than your average health tracker and one unit actually can work with multiple OMsignal shirts so don’t have to worry about having to do laundry that same night for another gym session the next day.

3. They Come In All Sizes

The shirts come in a variety of sizes, including small through extra large sizes for those buff body builder types and also in a few colors and styles. They’re also compression garments that are made with moisture wicking fabric like most high-quality training clothes.

4. Different Types Of Uses

You can wear it under clothing for everyday activities like going to work or shopping or they can be used as dedicated sportswear. But the shirts are made to provide more types of datas for hard-core athletes like heart rate zone tracking for training and OM Fuel, which tells you how much energy you have left in you before you get tires. There’s also OM RPM, which is your level of focus and stress. All data is tracked and then analyzed in the OMsignal app for long-term monitoring.

5. Made From Experts


These shirts aren’t made to be a new fad in fitness. Instead, they were created from experts in the filed who really offer insight into what data should be tracked while working out. The company is also tech focused and worked with designers with experience at highly notable brands like Under Armor, Nike and Quicksilver so they know how to blend style with function pretty well.

The shirts with the little black clip on module will start shipping later this summer and wills tart at $199 with additional  shirts going for $100 to $140. The black box tracking module is $140 on its own. Right now, the line is only available for men with a woman’s line planned to launch later this fall. (But ladies, you can always buy a men’s small if you can’t wait that long!)

Kristie Bertucci

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