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It’s one of the constant annoyances of the urbanite with little space. You need to keep tools around the house, but you don’t really have much room to keep them around. The Strelka Toolbook tries to solve this problem with a little clever design.

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The Toolbook, as you may have guessed, is more a demonstration of design than anything else. On your bookshelf, it looks like a fairly typical book. Pull it down and open it up, however, and you’ve got a small toolkit, with a set of screwdrivers and a set of hex wrenches. Clearly this was designed on the assumption that the average customer buys a lot of flat-pack furniture.

Throw The Book At Them

The idea, of course, is discretion and beauty, and if nothing else, these are some very pretty tools. The screwdrivers are all of one piece, with nice thick handles and a minimalist design. The hard case they come in looks good even when off the shelf, molded in white or grey plastic and generally looking tasteful. The hex wrenches are a set of hex wrenches: Sorry, designers can only make something pretty when they’ve got something to work with. The hex wrench may be incredibly useful, but making it pretty is a little too much to ask.

Booked Solid

strelka toolbook

That said, there are a few criticisms of this worth mentioning. For $135, you’re paying much more for the form factor and design than you are for the actual utility of this particular tool kit. It doesn’t even come with a hammer! It’s a little hard to view this as anything other than a conversation piece if you can’t even get a nail into the drywall with this one. Still, it looks pretty and it’s a clever idea… and that’s what counts, right?

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