Apple introduced a Touch ID sensor in its iPhone 5S last year, a feature which was later adopted by other smartphone manufacturers. HTC came up with a fingerprint sensor in the HTC One Max, while Samsung also adopted it in its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5.

In case you don’t know, there’s a difference in how the fingerprint sensor works on the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s been a while since Apple iPhone 5S went on sale, and users have a pretty good idea how it works. Even Apple published a paper detailing the Touch ID Sensor found inside the iPhone 5S.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit retail on April 11th, but it appears the review units have already arrived for people in the tech community, and videos have started popping up all over the internet comparing the fingerprint sensor found inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the iPhone 5S.


Recently, a video was posted by a YouTube users iCrackYourDevice, which gives a detailed look at how the new feature works on both devices. But before we discuss what’s in the video, you should know that fingerprint sensor found inside the Galaxy S5 is a swipe sensor under the home button, which means users have to swipe their finger on the home button to make it work, and it can also be used to make PayPal payments on the device. On the other hand, the Touch ID is much more simpler, and requires users to place their finger on the home button, and voila!, its unlocked.

The video did a quick comparison, and shows that it can be difficult task to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5, as it’s not possible with one hand use. Users may have to try multiple times to make it work, unlike the iPhone 5S, which works majority of times since the users only has to place the registered finger on the home button.

While the video didn’t disclose the winner, it looks pretty obvious that iPhone 5S was much more responsive and accurate compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you ask me to be the judge, I’m going to go with the iPhone 5S to be more accurate. Just watch the video above, and share your thoughts.

Hammad Saleem

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