The Elio Tricycle Car Can Go 600 Miles On One Tank Of Gas

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12 Comments to The Elio Tricycle Car Can Go 600 Miles On One Tank Of Gas

  1. Does anyone know the stats on top speed. I would hate for this trike to barely be able to keep up with 70 MPH traffic on Ohio freeways. Due to it’s light weight, I would also be a little skeptical about hydroplaning in rainy weather, as well as being knocked around in wind gusts during storms. HOW STABLE is it? Braking distances, etc. I LOVE the concept of a center-positioned driver in a vehicle. THIS one feature alone, gives the driver true perspective of how close they are to obstacles to either side of them. I would even remove the back seat, and utilize it as extra storage space. To the basic am/fm radio…hopefully it has an audio jack, so I can simply plug in an MP3 Player/Ipod/iPhone, other music device. The glass roof option: make it ‘removeable”, for an open-air…..”convertible” feeling if the owner wishes to take it out on a sunny day!

  2. I reserved mine about 6 months ago. I will get number 1667 that rolls off the line. Gas savings? I don’t care… I am in it for the fun of tooling around the country-side in it. Taking week-end trips and camping. I have a Harley that will sit when I get my Elio. I also have a Bush-Tec trailer that I pull behind my HD and will set-up my Elio to pull it. luggage problem solved… can not wait!!!!

  3. Muskegon Michigan to Charleston South Carolina for me. Such a savings is hard to pass up 24 mpg current mini-van to 84 mpg. .9 gal of gas vs. 3.25 gal going to work everyday.

  4. Looks like GREAT concept. I currently spend over $600 a month just on gas and am looking forward to dropping that cost to just ~$120. It may look small, but hey all I am doing anyways is simply being the only passenger inside my car driving 1 hour one way to and from work. Not worried about speed, just cruise at 65-72 mph even at my present time.
    Also this being and “autocycle” it will not have to abide by strict emissions and will be a prime vehicle for engine improvements and enhancements. More horsepower, turbo, supercharger, headers, straight pipes, exhaust, … well you get the picture. Sure if the engine gets upgraded you will loose some of the benefits of higher mileage, but you know what, 84mpg stock and slow, or 60mpg upgraded and fast is still a heck of a lot less in gas than I am paying now!

  5. The ELIO is a long overdue mode of transportation in this country (USA). Go abroad and you will see all types of 3 wheel vehicles in daily use as most overseas locations , fuel is $7 to $8 (US) per imperial gallon and the cost of operating large bore (HIGH CC”s) engines is prohibitive ! Plus this last P-4 concept unit has great eye appeal and is all one needs to get from point A to point B as a 1 to 2 person hauler. Need more space to haul people or stuff, buy an SUV and use the ELIO as a second car (autocycle)!! NRB (GO ELIO)

  6. The article says it will be available later this year. It will not. I’m an Elio vehicle enthusiast, have been researching and reading for weeks now. If you want to walk into an Elio store and buy one, you may be looking at March 2016. If you want to reserve one and put down some money now, $100 – $1000, you might be able to get yours as early as 2015. Just being realistic. :-)

  7. Also looking forward to getting my hands on an Elio. Frankly, it will be perfect for my commute, I’ll actually pay less a month than I am paying right now for gas alone and I won’t be just one more jellybean driving drone on the way in to the office.

  8. The great One

    No doubt about it, if this thing comes to market I will be driving one. The amount of money saved on gas will pay for the car itself is worth it. Even people with kids will benefit. If you are commuting to work alone, you dont need the extra seats. You could use this as a comuter, while your other car can be used to take the family out. I can’ wait!

  9. It’s a great concept. Most of the time, it’s just me in my truck. I can’t wait to be able to cut my $320 a month fuel bill down to $54! Also, the credit card payment scheme allows you to, for instance, charge $10 on the card for gas. When you get the bill, it’ll be for $30. This is $10 for the gas and $20 to pay off on the car. In fact, because the Elio gets 3 X the mileage of the average car, buying an Elio and paying for it’s fuel will be the same as paying for fuel for your current car… The difference is that you’ll have a brand new Elio with NO car payment! You can also use regular financing or cash – payments on a $6,800 car will be really low! Go Elio!

  10. I think it will be perfect for “long hauls.” When the winter blues hit here in Ohio, what other vehicle can I make it to South Carolina with for about $40 bucks in gas?

    I see it not only as a great commuter, but a cheap weekend getaway vehicle for me and the wife!

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