Cogito Classic

With many smartwatches devoted to packing in as much technology as one can, they sort of lose the charm of a traditional watch. Hong Kong’s ConnecteDevice wants to have their smartwatches still be watches and has released two versions of their new Cogito model – a classic dress watch and a fun design named Pop. The Classic version is designed by award-winning French designer Xavier Houy, who has dressed it in a high-end finish with precision Japanese quartz movement.

It’s a smartphone extension and links to the company’s iOS/Android Connected watch smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth 4.0. The digital display that’s embedded into the watch only lights up with a notification is received after pairing it with a smartphone. And these alerts can be customized. Powering it is a replaceable CR2032 button-cell battery and is said to be water-resistant to 10 ATM. The price for the Classic will start at $179.95. The Pop version is similar to the Classic one, but adds more color to it. It features LED icons on its face that light up when you get a call, receive an email or text and more. You can also use the watch to fire a paired smartphone’s camera to take pictures, control music and more. The Pop version is going for $129.95.

Cogito Pop

Kristie Bertucci

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