video soccer ball 2

As soccer fans well know, Adidas spent nearly three years developing the Brazuca soccer ball, which will be used at the 2014 World Cup. But that’s not the only thing Adidas worked on as they were developing the ball. The next World Cup ball now not only has six panels, it has six cameras.

Eyes In The Ball

As pedants will point out, this ball is no longer appropriate for regulation play, which is true… but kind of misses the point. The idea is that Adidas will take it on tour and have some of the world’s best players give it a kick or two, as you can see in a few shots from this first video:

Sure, it’s dizzying, but it’s about as close to the field as you can get.

Six Ways To Kick It

Much has been made of the ball’s design; with just six panels, it’s one of the lightest and most curiously constructed soccer balls ever dropped for FIFA play. And it does stick with Adidas’ theme, each World Cup, of shaving off another set of panels, even if that’s not the most popular strategy among players. They’ll probably have it down to four in 2018, at this rate, and every player will insist it’s designed to favor another position. The cameras add far more weight, but as you can see, that doesn’t matter much to the players.


video soccer ball

That said, you won’t have a YouTube channel dedicated to motion sickness. Adidas intends to use the ball mostly to film documentaries and other video content. But it is a fun idea, and at least a few players will be sure to give it a good hard kick. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Adidas does with this particular ball… and to see who else might happen to give it the boot.

Dan Seitz

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