Urban biking is becoming more and more commonplace as cars become more expensive and gas even more so. But the modern bicycle needs an overhaul to be suitable for cities, which is where Cylo comes in. Here’s six ways it tweaks the bicycle to make it an urban vehicle worth using.

1. Built-In, Dynamo-Powered Lights

If you’re biking in a city, you need lights, and they need to be both bright and reliable. Cylo builds both a headlight and a back light into the frame itself, and furthermore has elements to power these lights built into the frame, including standing time of five minutes. It both removes an inconvenience and guarantees more safety for a bike rider.

2. A Carbon Belt Drive Means No Grease Or Broken Links

Also making things relatively simple is the carbon belt drive. Unlike traditional geared drives, with chains and all that, the carbon belt drive is designed to be light and tough… and it won’t need any grease, either. Instead of worrying about your chain falling off, you’ll be able to bike with a light, strong system in place. That said, while it’s designed not to snag your pants, you’ll probably need to hike them up anyway. You’ve been warned!

3. There’s An Actual Brake Light

Cylo actually makes a fairly good point in that cyclists really should have brake lights, especially in light of how often they get rear-ended. A reflector is simply not going to cut it in most situations, so wiring a brake light to the actual brakes will probably save your butt. Possibly literally.

4. The Frame Is As Light As Possible

We’re not sure if Cylo is being facetious by featuring a balloon lifting its bike, or if that’s a real photo, but either way, the frame is built out of aluminum to be light and strong, especially by featuring as few pieces as possible. That means an easier time hauling it around and easier handling as you bike through the city.

5. It Comes With Fenders Built In

This seems a relatively minor point, until you jump onto a bicycle in the rain and immediately feel a stripe of water run up your back. Fenders make a bike ride in the rain a lot more tolerable, and honestly, it’s annoying how few bikes, especially ones supposedly designed to be used for city travel, don’t have these standard. Instead it’s an annoying add-on, so it’s nice to see that Cylo simply cuts out the middleman here.


6. Gears For Every Occasion

Finally, you’ve got your choice of speeds. If you’re a fixie enthusiast, for some reason, you can kill yourself on that particular style of bike. For the more sane among us, this will also come in three- and eleven-speed variations to fit your needs as you cycle around the city.

If you’d like to get onto this particular bike, you’ll have to get on a waiting list; the first 50 don’t roll out until mid-summer, and only those on the list will get a crack at them.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.