Wilson isn’t divulging much about its upcoming Smart Basketball device, just a few tidbits on their website. The basketball shot tracker is supposed to help wannabe NBA players, street court mavericks and general basketball enthusiasts improve their shot while also analyzing vital performance stats to help improve their game. Technical specs weren’t disclosed, but they did give us some insight on what the new device will feature, allowing users to aspire to be the next LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Black Griffin. Wilson hopes that its Smart Basketball will be available in time for next season (winter 2014).

1. New Make/Miss Technology

wilson smart basketball

The Smart Basketball device will benefit from Wilson’s “Make/Miss” tracking technology that the ball’s built-in sensors and a companion smartphone app to track how many shots users make from various positions on the court. When they’re done training, they can view their shot record from both the 2-point and 3-point range, as well as see how many free throw shots they shot. The technology was developed with the help of SportIQ, a Finnish technology company that specializes in sports performance tracking equipment.

2. Companion App

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The app is where users will get to decipher all their stats for the day’s training on the court. It’ll tell them how many shots they made, missed and even has a heat map to demonstrate the different parts of the court that had users running hot and where their basketball game still needs some work.

3. Real-Time Data Tracking

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As soon as you miss a free throw, that data is sent right to its app for you to check. Or if you’re doing quick training drills, the ball will track your running distance, speed, shot distance and more – all in real time. It’ll even tell you the amount of time it takes you to let a shot go.

4. Automated Video Overlays

The intelligent tracking system will provide coaches/users with automated video overlays that allow them to see the player controlling the basketball at the moment using camera.

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