After 7 days of living with the Bentley Continental GT Speed here are 10 reason why this car is worth dying for.

1. That 6.0-Litre W12 and its Insane Torque


The torque delivered from its 616bhp engine is ridiculous. The engine produces 800Nms of torque, and it smashes the car forward on the road at a completely relentless rate, it is truly unbelievable!

2. Those Premium Looks


I didn’t realise how impressive it looks until I saw it up close, and wow! It looks amazing inside and out. It is very well designed, and implemented to an exceptional level. What a beautiful car.

3. 205mph Top Speed

It’s not often you get in a car that can break the 200mph limit into super car territory. The Bentley will power its way all the way up to the 205mph. Which is right up there with super car royalty such as Lambroghini, Pagani, and Ferrari.

4. It has a Perfect Interior


The inside of the Bentley is probably as good as they come. In the model tested there was $6500 worth of carbon fibre, $6000 of custom stitching, and a $10,000 ultra premium Niam audio system to keep you entertained. The level of luxury and quality inside the GT is very impressive.

5. Diamond Quilted Leather


Everywhere you look on the interior of the Bentley, it is dressed with diamond quilted premium leather, which really gives the car the perfect exclusive, quality feel on the inside.

6. Adjustable Dampers – The Ultimate Ride Quality

This being a big GT car it needs to be both deadly fast, but also very comfortable, Bentley have achieved this by using adaptive dampers. Depending on your mood you can change the damper settings from comfortable to sport mode using the touch screen display.

7. Ear Damaging Exhaust Notes

That impressive w12 in sport mode makes the most impressive sound when you stomp on the accelerator. Have a quick listen to Bentley’s fastest production car.

8. Record Breaking Brakes


As an $16,000 option, Bentley fits the car with 42cm ceramic brakes; the largest ceramic brakes that have been fitted on any production car. As the GT weighs 2,500kg, these brakes are a must if you wish to drive it fast, and will rip your face off if you hit the peddle hard.

9. Making a Lifestyle Statement


At $310,000 the Bentley Continental GT Speed is very much a lifestyle statement of a car. Only the super rich can afford this car, which, provides the ultimate Bentley driving experience and holds ultimate prestige against all of its rivals.

10. Supreme Quality


Every single thing on the car is designed and built to such a high standard. Even the paintwork on the car, which was the deepest paint I have ever seen.

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