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You can find a decent iPhone 5s case for under $50, but if you want quality, you’re going to have to shell out some extra $$$. But of that extra cash, you’re going to get a luxury case with all the fixings! If you’re tired of cheap cases and are looking for a quality case, we’ve rounded up some high-end options…even a $1,500-case for all you ballers out there.

10. Mapi Orion

Mapi Orion

Made of high-quality leather, the Mapi Orion ($90) is a flipper-style case with a twist: It allows you to prop up your iPhone horizontally or vertically.

9. Case-Mate Brilliance Case

casemate brillance

Make a statement with the Brilliance Case from Case-Mate ($80) that fathers genuine crystal with premium leather accent.

8. Element Soft-Tec Wallet

Element Soft-Tec Wallet

New to the Element line is there wallet cases, with the Soft-Tec Wallet one of their newest. Made out of leather, it features a magnetic clasp, slots for a few cards and cash. It’s available in a few different color options for $69.95.

7. Mapi Alinda + Smyrna

Mapi Alinda + Smyrna

If you’re looking for a swanky case then the  Mapi Alinda + Smyrna ($80) is for you! The thin, leather case comes in a few different colors features a leather bound belt clip rotates 360 degrees so that you may access your cell phone to your liking.

6. Case-Mate Pearls

Case-Mate Pearl

Beautiful cases come at a cost…take for instance the Case-Mate Pearls ($150) collection that features genuine mother of pearl that’s contrasted with silver brushed aluminum. The interior finished liner provides a subtle cushion and elegant feel.

5. CalypsoCase Cabrio

calypso case cabrio

Premium leather hugging your iPhone 5s is what you get with the CalypsoCase Cabrio series ($205). It comes in four different types – Adelaide Tranquility in black, Brooklyn Noon in a dark brown, Kyoto Sunrise in concrete purple and Boston Reef in green – will all featuring premium Italian leather, special micro fabrics and a new open design.

4. Smythson iPhone 5S Sleeve


A blend of colors and super smooth and grained leather give the Smythson iPhone 5s Sleeve a bit of contrast and justifies its $160.

3. Element Ronin Bocote Case


As the newest addition to the Element line, the Ronin Bocote Case ($179.95) a South American hardwood, Bocote, with each piece  treated and then machined, inspected again and hand fitted to the precision crowns.

 2. EXOvault EXO18 Titanium Pau Ferro Composite


If you have an unlimited budget to keep your iPhone 5s then the EXOvault EXO18 Titanium Pau Ferro Composite’s $400 price tag won’t scare you aways. The expensive case covers your iPhone 5S in elegant and strong phenolic resin composite core and Pau Ferro veneer, which is capped on the ends with Ti6Al4V Titanium, the ultimate metal.

1. Gresso Monaco M4

gresso iPhone case

Ultimate luxury is a case with 18K white gold, genuine black leather and titanium grade 5 composite, which pretty much sums up the Gresso Monaco M4 case that sells for a whopping $1,500!

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