Still on the fence about Titanfall? Poland-based retailer is dangling a flat $12.20 savings for those in North America, just a few days before the Tuesday release date next week. If you’re so inclined, you can grab Titanfall’s Origin key for $47.79 at G2A

For those abroad, the global release date is on March 13, just two days after the North American release date. (If you’re in South Africa however, you’re basically SOL until Respawn Entertainment gets a chance at figuring out the server situation).

On the console side, only the Xbox One will be released on the previously determined date (the 360 version is now delayed to March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe).

All in all, hype for Titanfall appears to be justified thus far based on beta plays — at least, for those that enjoy FPS games. If you’ve decided to grab the PC version, pre-loading well advance is highly recommended unless you have a fast connection for the 20GB. If you’re on a SSD and storage is low, you might want to plan advance because the install will be 50GB.


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