That’s quite the launch trailer they have there. But for some, the coming epic action FPS – Titanfall is not all spit-shined mech chassis and well-oiled machines. The inevitable has been confirmed, again by Respawn. But I digress. Firstly the great great news…. Titanfall has gone gold and is currently being mass produced for virtual Titan piloting masses. Having proved itself to be far more than just another first-person shooter in the successful beta test from a weeks back, the game is plodding on to its full release just 7 short days from today. Are you “standing by for Titan fall?” as it descends upon the scorched battlefield this coming March 11th? Then this is your must-read: These are 5 key things players need to know before jumping into their mech boots this March 11th.

1. Titanfall Modes

A lot of hubbub and concern has been expressed over Titanfall’s game modes. Are there more than was featured in the Beta? Will there be a single player campaign. Yes to the former. There will be 6 modes total – Attrition, Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter and Last Titan Standing. Moreover, YES there is a campaign features…well sort of… But it is a multiplayer campaign, where real human players — hopefully your buddies — can hop in your game. The campaign is played over the Attrition and Hardpoint game types. The structure is reportedly, nine matches in total — 5 rounds of Attrition and 4 rounds of Hardpoint. You can play these from either the IMC or Militia faction point of views, making it effectively a 18 round campaign. Is that enough campaign for you? undoubtedly, only time will tell. There is also rumor circling about the ‘net of a surprise in store within the campaign. Fingers crossed!

2. No 1080p For Xbone

On a more somber note. Xbox One owners had hoped, prayed and burned their CoD effigies in an effort to see the game’s resolution hit 1080p. Such is not the case. They’re still bound for the odd 792p display resolution. But what’s a gamer without their dreams? In truth, these higher resolutions — up to 4K in fact — can be achieved only on the PC (EA Origin) version of the game. Respawn has tuned the game for maximum performance and playability on the Xbox One. So it may be only 792p but you can rest assured it will run at a butter smooth 60 frames per second.

3. Massive Storage Needed

But it’s not all roses for the PC version either. The master race of gamers will have to cough up a massive amount of storage space for this FPS gem. Expect to sacrifice up to 48GB of storage drive space to the Titans come install time. That positions Titanfall as one of — if not THE — largest install of any one game to-date. That’s nearly as much as the competing Call of Duty: Ghosts (50GB install).

4. A “Prestigious” Variation on a Theme

Remember Prestige mode of the now ridiculously famous Call of Duty games? Respawn is readying something similar for Titanfall in hopes to keep players coming back for more. The feature is called “Generations”. One players have maxed out there characters level/rank, they can choose to reverse their progress and start again as a “2nd Generation” Pilot. All experience, challenges and unlocked gear are given up as the player begins from scratch. Burn Cards, however, remain intact. Also experience is earned 10% faster as a 2nd gen pilot. Repeat this process for a 3rd gen pilot and your experience is then earned at higher percentage rate.

5. TitanFall 2 NOT Xbox One Exlusive?

Playstation 4 owners will be happy to know, Titanfall’s inevitable sequel may not be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbone, as is the case for this first entry of the franchise. This speculation comes from industry analyst Michael Pachter, who says EA thought Microsoft would beat Sony at this new generation of console wars. “Why?”, you ask? Is it the Kinect inclusion on the Xbone? Is it the absence of 1080p gaming at 60 frames per second? Or is it simply that $500 kick in the nuts? Sadly it’s all of the above.

Analyst Pachter was quoted from his most recent Pach-Attack recording…

I am quoting John Riccitiello (former EA CEO) back in 2012 who told me that he thought that Microsoft was going to eat Sony’s lunch the next cycle. But we all thought so because we thought that Xbox 360 had a large, loyal install base and multiplayer and we thought that Sony would price [the PS4] about the same as the Xbox, but we didn’t think Xbox One would be $500. I frankly thought they were both going to be 400 and the possibility that the Xbox One would be 350. I thought Microsoft might be that bold. They made a mistake and they priced too high and I think that caught everybody by surprise. So I haven’t talked to John Riccitiello about this since, but it’s pretty clear that at a $100 price advantage Sony is going to beat out Xbox until the price is the same.

Shawn Sanders

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