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Lego has done something unprecented in its history: It’s created its first licensed line of Lego minifigs. And, of course, it’s the Simpsons who get the nod, as America’s first family. But how do they stack up compared to their cartoon counterparts? Some better than others, honestly.

The Full Set

First of all, there are sixteen figures in the set, coming out at $4 apiece if you want the entire Simpsonian crew. They’ll apparently be sold as a full set and in smaller sets, so budget accordingly, nerds.

That said, although they look to be a substantial improvement over the minifigs included in the Simpsons House set, these could use some… tweaking. Here’s a look at the figures that didn’t quite make the jump properly.

The Rejects


Nothing’s coming up Milhouse; combined with the overall “duckbill” look of the set and the jutting chest of the minifigs, this looks like ‘roided-out Milhouse posing for a selfie.


Is this supposed to be Krusty, or his killer doll from the Treehouse of Horror episode?

mr burns

Honestly, this one was tricky, and they didn’t quite nail it. Although Burns is hard to sculpt, we’d wager, what with his total lack of jaw.

Still, It’s The Simpsons

That said, we’re still buying the whole set because first of all, it’s the Simpsons. Secondly, we’ve seen worse sculpts of the crew from Springfield over the years as licensing deals were cut with companies almost as shady as those Homer’s worked for over the years. And we need replacements for the house figs, as we said: We like the Simpsons, but we don’t need stoned Simpsons wandering around our ideal Simpsons home.

These will be available before May 4th, and they’re actually a tie-in. The Simpsons team made a brickfilm, so you’ll be able to watch the episode and then re-enact it. Or rewrite it.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.