There could be many reasons why a biker may want to hang his bike in his house or apartment. It could very well be a trophy you want to showcase, for maintenance or simply to save space especially if you’re living in an apartment. Things might change in the near future thanks to the invention from¬†Juergen Beneke, a US-based individual who came with Shelfie, a shelf to hang your bike.

Shelfie can be attached to any wall inside your house, giving users the ability to hang the bike, with all weight coming down on the seat. This, as a result, can prevent your paintwork as well as other cables from getting in the way. The creator says it’s designed in such a way that it will work with any bike out in the wild, and it does look like it.


Along with the ability to hang your bike, the shelf is spacious enough to hold on to other stuff as well. You can put your bike helmet, trophies or any other small products that can fill the available room. So, it’s not just a bike stand, but can come in handy for other purposes as well.

The project is currently seeking funds on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The project has generated over $5,500 out of their goal of $30,000 before they can take the project to the next level, with 57 more days to go. For those of you who want to pledge, it can be $1 or goes as high as you can give. However, to score an early bird Shelfie, you have to pitch in at least $125 (which are all gone according to the listing). ¬†The more you pledge, the more you’ll get, including T-Shirts and guided tours.

The product is expected to ship in October 2014, only if they manage to seek the funds they require to begin mass production.

Hammad Saleem

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