Skyrim in bed, anyone? Even better, Skyrim in bed while at grandmas!? (If she has 5 Mbps downstream anyways). For PC gamers wanting to stream their games on a hand held wireless device (with an Nvidia GPU), or as a travelling Android gameboy the Nvidia Shield released in July 2013 for $299.99. Later last year the price dropped to $249.99, but today it’s yet a further $51 cheaper.

Nvidia Shield is $199 with free shipping at the nVidia Store.

Most retailers are still listing the old $249.99 price tag. The exception appears to be GameStop for a dollar more ($199.99) and without free shipping.

With the latest and greatest over the air update coming on April 2nd, several new features will be added to the Shield making the new $200 price point mighty tempting:

  • Android to 4.4.2 Kitkat
  • GameStream now available outside home network (will wake sleeping PC remotely, and connect)
  • Streaming possible from notebook with select GeForce GPUs
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support
  • TegraZone storefront easier to discover
  • Stream any apps into the shield remotely (eg Photoshop)

Viet Do

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