Want to know if you’re garage door is open or maybe you’re worried that you left the lights on in your house. Notifon allows you to customize any object into a notifying one and will send you instant notifications based on real life events. The wireless Internet-connected device is currently an Indiegogo campaign and will let you connect to your home or office wherever you. You’ll get instant notification alerts on things that matter to you on your smartphone or sent to you via email and even Twitter. The device can be connected to a variety of things, such as your garage, mailbox, front door, or even when someone opens your fridge. Notifon is universal and lets you choose what you’d like to be notified on. And if you have a web camera, ¬†you can attach real-tim pictures to your email and Tweet notifications.

notifon 2

The device itself is smart and small and features a curved white glossy design that’s aesthetically pleasing. It comes with one Hub and one or more Nodes, with the Hub the Internet-connected gateway that communicates wireless with the individual nodes and passes on the alerts to the cloud. Each of the nodes have a long battery life and can last between two to five years depending on usage battery commonly found in any electronics store. It’s also easy to use since all you have to do is set up each Node to what you’d like to be alerted on by placing it on the object and adding the action(s) into each Scenario after registering it into the Cloud. For $124, you can get one Node or spend $179 for two (the Hub comes with both options).

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