moff band

When you’re a kid, your imagination runs wild. Ordinary boxes turn into go-karts, space ships and more, while pots and pans become musical instruments. Tech savvy kids will love the new Moff Band that will turn everything they do and hold into a toy. The Kickstarter campaign is a wrist-worn smart toy that offers different play experiences when it’s combines with its app wirelessly. It’ll sense movements and the apps will analyze and respond to them, providing a variety of play experiences with different sounds. Hours of fun is provided by tons of plays via downloading apps and sounds available in their apps market.

moff band

Kids can let their imaginations run wild with examples of play, including guitar, tennis, toy swords, magical sticks, piano, golf, toy airplane and so much more! The Moff band works by connecting to your iOS device via Bluetooth to the desired app (iOS devices it works with include iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPod Touch – over 5 generation; at the moment it doesn’t work with Android but a future version is in the works). Made for kids, the device is covered with soft and strong silicon, making it safe for kids. Pledge $49 or more to get one for your kids or $88 or more for a set of two.

Moff Band

Kristie Bertucci

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