Today is daylight savings time and that means you now have one less hour to pre-order Titanfall from the Microsoft Store and receive free release day shipping (also, set your clock by an hour if you haven’t done so yet).

Microsoft Store is (and Microsoft in general) is pushing Titanfall as the killer app for the Xbox One. Will it be the commercial success that Microsoft and EA hopes it’ll be? We’ll find out next week and as soon as sales number are revealed. To help get the game into gamers hand and add more incentive to buy, the Microsoft Store is offering these pre-order bonuses:

The Xbox digital gift card bonus will be available until just a day before the March 11th release date. (For the Xbox 360 version, that’ll be March 24th). You’ll receive a promo code within 10 days of purchase and you’ll need to use it by June 30th to claim your $10 gift card code. Essentially once you claim the code this will add $10 to your Xbox account — good for anything in the store.

Maybe $10 towards the Titanfall Season Pass? Hah.

For the pre-order release day shipping, you’ll need to buy by March 9th at 6PM Pacific in order to get guaranteed delivery on release date. For the 360, this will be all the way until March 23rd. Release day shipping is available to continental United States only – sorry Alaska and Hawaii, but you’re probably used to this by now. (You must also have overnight service available in your area, so if you live in rural Mid-West, Microsoft makes no guarantees).

Is this offer enough for you to grab Titanfall on the Xbox One (even though its reduced to 720p?) Let us know in the comments. Also, after the following week I can probably stop writing about Titanfall. Yay? (Unless it sells super well).

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