Last Call on South Park: The Stick of Truth Pre-Order Bonus + 25% Discount

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18 Comments to Last Call on South Park: The Stick of Truth Pre-Order Bonus + 25% Discount

  1. Well GMG didnt work with 2 cards or paypal, and Gamefly doesn’t have anywhere to put the coupon code in (i think you have to be a member??). Great “Deals”…..

    • You don’t need to be a Gamefly member.. coupon code is entered during checkout process.

      Look for “Apply GameFly Coupons” during checkout, put in MAR20OFF and you should see it for $47.99.

      Key will be sent to you via email or shown under “My Account > Purchase History”. No client install needed. Just plug key in Steam and pre-load.

    • Anonymous

      You need to enter billing/payment info first. After doing that, you’ll be able to review the order before you place it. It’s this screen that allows you to enter the coupon code. Just did it and it worked for me (GMG failed to allow me to purchase earlier this evening).

  2. It’s not working for me and a lot of other people. It’s too bad and I really hope not to see multiple charges posted.

    • If the transaction failed then you’re not going to get charged. GMG should do a better job telling people what to do if their bank/credit card declines the transaction. Most people call up the CC to let them know they’re trying to make a purchase and it’ll work. But yeah, its an extra step for sure.

  3. sirmeowsalot

    Just bought it for the discount – try clearing your cookies and starting from scratch.

    • Try the Gamefly Digital deal which I updated above (use coupon MAR20OFF) – its only a 20% off deal but it beats paying full price maybe.

  4. The site won’t take my payment either. I just wanted to save a few bucks. Looks like I’m getting it from steam…

  5. I never heard of green man gaming, but i wanted to get south park for %25 off, but the green man site wont accept my credit card information, tried 3 different cards and paypal linked to my bank account, WONT WORK, seems a bit fishy

    • Site works fine. Not sure what’s with your payment method. Save me $14.99. I was looking for a coupon code :D

      • Yeah i want to save $15 bucks, I’m not sure why the site wont take my payment, Tried 3 different VISA cards and paypal, all unsuccessful (and yes I have funds available.)

        • Sorry to hear that Josh. Some people just outright have problems with GMG even if they tried paypal or different credit cards. If you want, you can try the deal at Gamefly Digital which I just updated above. They’re US-based so should be less of an issue (its $3 more though).

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