We write about a lot here at GadgetReview. So much so, that you may have missed out on something really interesting and useful. That is why, starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly recap of a few things we believe you may want to check out. So without further ado, let’s get to the links.

1. Lithiumcard Will Fit in Your Wallet and Charge At 1% per Minute


Hammand Saleem brought our attention to their Indiegogo Campaign, the currently $35 Lithiumcard eases the pain of keeping your smartphone charged. From what we’ve seen, it’s a must have product for the on the go geek.

2. Nissans New Rearview Mirror Reduces Blind Spot Issues


Dan Seitz provides a great synopsis of how it works and why you want it. The additional advice he provides at the end is integral to safe driving.

3. Fin is a Ring That Makes Gesture Control Simple

fin 1

Dan Seitz shows everyone that Minority Report type UI’s may be here soon with his sweet summation of Fin’s features and prices.

4. YurBuds Keep You Rocking on the Go

YURBUDS Limited Edition Focus Sport Earphones held

Everyone thank Marshall Rosenthal for finding Bluetooth earbuds that not only stay in your ear, but can also endure that nasty exercise ear sweat.

5. Airsoft Guns Are Fun, the Airsoft Grenade Launcher Is More-So


Airsoft fans, be prepared to drool. Kristie Bertucci gives the details on the customizable non-weapon that’ll have your friends running for safety

6. You May Not Want to buy that iPod Just Yet


Jordan Goodson provides some thought-provoking reasons why you may want to hold-off on that iPod purchase.

7. Moov is Your Personal Trainer in a Box


Getting into and staying in shape is hard work. Check out Kristie Bertucci’s piece on the device that will decrease the time it takes to see results.

8. No More Delays, South Park Stick of Truth is Finally Here

south park stick

Viet Do spills the deets on Stick of Truth’s discount pricing, availability and Pre-Order bonuses.

As we’re sure you know, these links provide just a taste of the succulent content available here at GadgetReview. If you’ve liked the appetizer, there’s plenty more to make a meal of and it’s all available to you for free. So what are you waiting for? Keep clicking!

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