Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated movies of the spring, but there are always people who hesitate to go see a movie. So, here’s a clip to get you into the mood.

Throwing A S.H.I.E.L.D.


The clip comes from the opening, with Cap and his team assigned to go free a ship from the clutches of one Batroc The Leaper, who is changed considerably from his comic book counterpart, in the sense that he doesn’t have a ridiculous mask or over-the-top French accent. Don’t worry, the clip doesn’t spoil what happens when Cap and Batroc square off; it’s all build-up. Which doesn’t mean some mooks don’t get a severe headache, especially at the hands of one Natasha Romanov; forget Cap, Natasha doesn’t even have superstrength and she’s pulling Street Fighter moves on these guys. You almost feel sorry for them.

America F*** YEAH!

Needless to say, the team of calm professionals, which seem to have a vague at best jurisdiction, wipe the floor with the Francophone terrorists. We’re still hoping they turn out to be from Quebec, since that would be highly entertaining. Anyway, the clip also comes with a recut trailer that shows us a few clips from the movie, including some narration from what sounds suspiciously like an older Peggy Carter. Considering she’s going to get her own period-era TV series, it’s not a surprise she’s back.

Also, they seem to have given up on hiding the Winter Soldier’s identity.

Celebrate America Early This April


Yes, the usual displays of nationalism generally don’t happen until July, but that would put this movie a little too close to the equally cool-looking Guardians Of The Galaxy. Besides, what’s more American than being nationalistic and excessively patriotic at supposedly inappropriate times of the year? Captain America returns April 4th.

Dan Seitz

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