Having the option to create anything yourself is always good. Whether you’re creating your own hamburgers at a burger shop or creating your own workout at the gym for max results, it always feels great to know you have control over what you want. That’s exactly what the Indiegogo campaign for BLOCKS Smartwatch wants to provide your tech life – a customizable device that best suits your needs. The smartwatch is customizable to feature the things you want or use most thanks to its detachable modules. So you’ll be able to snap together hardware, sensors, app and more to create custom pieces of we able tech and the wristwatch that meets your needs. And then when that piece of hardware or sensor isn’t working for you anymore, all you have to do is swap it out for something else you want to use.

Blocks smartwatch

The individual blocks for the watch can do a lot of things like tell the time, receive call, give directions, a camera, gesture control, temperature, track your heart rate and more. Besides the modules, there’s also a variety of apps so you can extend your smartphone and get immediate access to what’s important with the BLOCKS Smartwatch. The company will also have open software so that developers can create new apps or build their own BLOCKS themselves, providing an endless choice of functions for your own personal smartwatch. Although its creators want the BLOCKS Smartwatch to be the last watch you’ll ever buy, you’ll still need to buy new unique BLOCKS as the OG ones wear out or are updated. But buying a few block here and there is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire device, so it makes sense. It’s currently being produced so leave your email here to be notified when it’s ready.

Blocks Smartwatch

Kristie Bertucci

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